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  1. Thanks for responding. Yes once I received that I paid off the council. As far as I know they haven’t attending my property yet, so would I need to pay the entire fee? So essentially I’m going to have to pay them £310 for sending me the letter?
  2. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster so please bear with. I had an outstanding council tax balance of £250 from an old property, which I paid off last month directly to the council. The council have also confirmed on email that this has been received, the account is up to date and that they've informed Newlyn of this. I've contacted Newlyn as they keep sending me threatening texts and letters to say that they'll remove goods etc if I don't pay their fees of £360(ish). I spoke to someone today, who hung up on me twice, didn't really listen and kept saying if you don't pay by 5pm we'll do a CCJ and send someone to your house. After calling back for the 3rd time, I spoke to a man who said that I must pay today, but then ended up agreeing to give me until 5pm on Monday. With both of the call centre agents, I requested that they send me this in writing, preferably email - apparently this is something they can't do?! Technically the debt has been paid so I don't see why I should pay their fees as they didn't facilitate anything. I wondered if anyone can provide me with any advise on how to deal with them? Thanks
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