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  1. I was approached by Alan Ohara about a tax rebate scheme called the enterprise investment scheme. The way it was explained was that I could reclaim 3 years tax as long as a third of the rebate was invested into the E.I.S. I would receive a third as a tax rebate and a third would be taken in fees. I provided all paperwork required and as the case proceeded I was contacted to say that the application would have to be completed online and they needed access through my tax portal and needed to provided details for them to access. I was a little unsure but provided the information they required. A few weeks later I was notified that the that the claim was being paid and my refund would be paid directly into my bank . A few weeks later I received a request from HMRC for certificates of the money I had invested into the E.I.S. which I could not provide as I was told these would be held but Easy Tax Claims for 3 years. I tried to contact E.T.C. but got no reply from calls or emails. HMRC have said that because I gave access to my portal that I played a part in the scam. I have appealed their decision but the appeal was turned down giving the same response. I have seen that other people have been victims of Alan O Hara and are now in the same position as myself. The revenue although sympathetic have now come to me demanding the full amount claimed back. I have checked companies house and the company is still trading under the revenues nose. Its obvious now that this is a scam to defraud people out of money. I cant understand why the revenue were still paying rebates to this company when people before myself had the same experience. I am now trying to negotiate a repayment plan with HMRC as they are adding interest to the amount owed. I would appreciate any assistance.
  2. I have just come across this forum this has happened to me too. I was approached by Alan O Hara Easy Tax Claims to join the EIS. A few months later HMRC requested certificates for the scheme which I didn't have. After months of emails , appeals I now have to pay back £3741 from which I only received £1000. My appeal failed because HMRC are saying I played a part as I gave Alan O Hara (or a few of his alias') access to my gateway account. I cant believe the HMRC weren't aware of this scam
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