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  1. Hello I work as Band 3 administrator in the NHS and recently applied and accepted a position in another Trust, but my current line manager has been badgering me to stay. Because of a problem with a reference for the new job, which couldn't be honoured because I'd left that organisation in 2019 before a merger (I was on the bank and in a fixed term position and they said they didn't keep records of employees on bank) and I had to arrange a character reference instead, I hadn't been able to hand in my notice and had no start date for the new role. In the meantime my current line manager said she had to advertise my job because of the time it could take to get someone in post. On Friday my friend still hadn't supplied the character reference and I was going to ring her at lunchtime to find out the delay, but before I could do so my line manager called me into her office to beg me again to change my mind as a colleague was going off sick for three months at the end of May due to an operation. Part of the reason I wanted to leave was because I started this job at the beginning of Covid and I felt I'd been failed on training and she promised to restart my training again. I've been in the job for two years and have made it up as I've gone along. I've been told time and again I've been doing a good job, but there are two newer administrators in my department who've had the benefit of face-to-face instruction and not having to work from home for six months learning from Teams, Whatsapp calls and emails. I'm ashamed to say that I finally buckled and agreed to stay, so I withdrew my application from the other post. She was delighted and said she would cancel the job advert for my role there, but I notice the job is still online on Trac and the closing date is at 23:59 tonight 1 May. My question is because they know how unhappy I've been can they force me to go and would they still go ahead with interviewing for my current job? I'm prepared to give it another go, but now I've emailed her and asked for what we agreed in writing because I think I need that protection. I'm annoyed the problem the references have been the catalyst for this problem and if they'd been sorted sooner I wouldn't be in this mess now, but I'm also annoyed with myself for buckling under pressure!
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