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  1. Hi, thank you. Looking forward to hearing suggestions.
  2. Really need some help here. EVRi has lost my parcel worth £150. I'm the sender and reciever of the parcel from London to Edinburgh. I've been calling them since the past 2 weeks and they've been telling me that the parcel is at their local depo and will be out for delivery. Today I spoke to their rep who said they're trying to locate the parcel but are unable to track it or find it. Here's the issue: 1. They'd asked me to cancel my booking twice as they mixed up the pickup and drop off post codes. The rider couldn't find the address so they told me they've cancelled my pick up and refunded the amount. 2. The next day I got an email (after I cancelled the pick up) that your parcel has been collected. I kept getting the updates till the 15th of April where it kept saying it's reached the local depo and will be out for delivery soon. The status hasn't been updated since then. 3. I've been calling them daily. Yesterday they told my husband that we may have to claim the parcel as they're unable to find it. Now the issue here is that since my booking was cancelled and refunded, my insurance was cancelled too and they're saying that they'll only be able to refund 20% of my amount. It was their fault they couldn't pass the details right. Their fault that they miscommunicated with me and their rider. Themselves suggested to cancel the order and refunded my £5. They have all the details recorded on their system that the order was mishandled by them and still getting away with simple apologies and telling me that I hadn't taken an insurance so I 'MIGHT' get 20% of the claimed amount. Update: Yesterday EVRi told me that my parcel has been lost and there is nothing they can do to compensate. They're putting the entire blame on the sender for handing over the parcel and totally ignoring the fact that their rider showed up and took the parcel with him (he took pictures of the parcel) They're saying it's a petty issue that doesn't need to be escalated and emailed me a claim form saying that's only option I have? Please suggest me what must I do to recover my loss? I'm so angry and disappointed with this kind of careless behaviour.
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