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  1. Thank you. I'm not entirely sure where they got the total amount from, but the amount requested was from an order that got lost on the way back to their warehouse, they refunded it but are now contesting it, it seems? I've ordered various things but not all were returned, it was in total two shipments that got lost. Should I go forward and respond asking for more details and a price breakdown? or would that just make them want to focus on this case even more? I would like to know more details on how they came to this amount and what proof they have, but I dont want to get myself into trouble here. I've searched your forum and it seems they send out a lot of these types of letters but court never comes of it, I'm assuming that will be the case here too. Also the video you linked comes back to a terminated account, do you have a new link?
  2. Appreciate you! Thank you for all your efforts. I was intending to edit the post and not post a new comment, my bad on that one
  3. If anyone has any guidance on how to respond and if I should respond to baseless claims like these please let me know!
  4. Hi, I'm sorry if this is in the section I'm new here, this may be more appropriate for the "legal" section but I'm not too sure. I received this letter and didn't know how to respond as the order in question was returned and I think I may even still have the postage receipt somewhere. But it was months and months ago now and they are telling me it hasn't been returned, has anyone else dealt with these issues in the past? DWF.pdf
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