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  1. I used Packlink via eBay to purchase postage (I opted for EVRi) and I purchased enhanced compensation. The package was damaged and I raised a claim with Packlink who agreed to pay me compensation for the damaged item. Their email sent on 8 March they would pay within 28 days. after 28 days passed, I emailed them to find out what was going and received no response. I have since been emailing every other day using the address on the email they sent to me and also filling in the form online. I have searched the website and can’t for the life of me find the live chat function so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. I have contacted eBay to see if they can help but they have just directed me back to Packlink. What should my next step be? Can I take them to the small claims court to make them pay me? They said they would - they refunded the postage immediately but it just seems like they are hoping I will forget about the compensation.
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