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  1. Thank you, and I presume there's no point denying the incident as this is strict liability from TFLs perspective?
  2. Excerpt of the letter On (insert date) you were reported to transport for London (TFL) for an offence(s) on the TFL public transport network. The facts of this incident are being considered and I must advise legal proceedings may be taken against you in accordance with transport for london's prosecution policy. Then it goes on to the standard section asking for details to be emailed/posted within 10 days and failure to respond potentially leading to further escalation.
  3. It doesn't indicate how many times it was used, but I'm not sure it explicitly refers to the freedom Pass. When drafting the letter I know we should only refer to the sole incident.
  4. Hi all, Like many others, I have a friend who was caught using a family member's freedom Pass. They have received the letter from TFL to confirm their details and provide qualifying comments for the incident. We are currently drafting this (lots of great examples on this forum), but have some questions. The individual in question, has extenuating circumstances, carer for a parent with disabilities as well as general bread winner. Do we have to provide backing evidence for the extenuating circumstances? Medical records are sensitive information, and they don't feel comfortable sending this off to some admin at TFL. Furthermore if the case is settled OOC, what is the typical range of the fine? Thanks for all your help.
  5. Hey all, question from me.. when drafting the letters and referencing extenuating circumstances, do you also have to provide supporting evidence of those circumstances? Thank you.
  6. Freedom Pass Misuse - Letter of Events TFL - Public transport (Trains, tubes and buses) - Consumer Action Group Amazing, glad it worked out for you, would you be able to share roughly the amount the fine was? Thanks!
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