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  1. No more than 2 dozen cards - values ranging up to £1219 for a single card - some just a few pounds
  2. I've not explained it well probably but on the last upload 02 Feb 2022 - 13 cards accepted points - 1 failed (not noticed by me) That card would have expired in Jan 2022 so it makes sense that it failed The only legal argument I could think off would be that they do not appear to have the expiry date checker on their platform that they say they do: Text from their email of 20-04-2019 - I am writing to you regards the response below, as much as I appreciate your disappointment the Gift cards supplied have an expiry longer than the market average and in terms of use and taking in to consideration of the COVID 19 pandemic both brands within the Sainsburys group (Argos & Sainsburys) have been open for business throughout to be able to redeem and shop as normally as possible. Argos Gift cards have a dynamic balance checker that include the expiry and how long you have left to redeem them, plus can be validated on your Argos.co.uk profile/account, Sainsburys Gift cards can be checked via My account on the Sainsburys page also. I appreciate expiry of funds not used is disappointing, but we do clearly advertise the Terms and conditions both on our physical and eGift cards as well as our dedicated Gift card web pages. Sadly, we shall not be able to extend your Gift cards as we do not have the functionality to facilitate this.
  3. Answer to your queries: I wouldn't mind having a very brief point by point explanation of what these gift cards are and how they work. Argos issue 500 cards to a trader like me who is looking to build loyalty with customers. I have an excel sheet of numbers with customers names against them. I "reward" customers each month with a value of "points" ... This is expedited by logging onto the gifting platform and entering values against each card. At any point after that the customer can present their card to Argos at the point of purchase and "cash-in" the value or if they have a lot of points they can cover the whole cost of an item. Typically a customer might get £5-£50 per month rewards! this system has been in place since 2019 Also, what kind of value are you potentially going to lose? £3200 approx When was the last time you posted some credit on to a card and how long before the expiry date of the card was that? The last time was in January - one of the cards failed at that time but I didn't notice - I assume it was already expired!
  4. Thanks for all the feedback - As I understand the T&Cs the cards expire 3 years from 1st being loaded with points. All cards were registered at one time but only activated when points issues to them. Therefore not all cards expire at the same time. It made sense to me for my customers to keep their cards in their wallet/purse and have them updated with points each month rather than sending new cards each time! Argos stated that their card-checking online service warns of imminent expiry but I can't see that it does (I've re-checked) - They will have taken over £3200 in total
  5. The pattern of use has been that the customer keeps the same card and has monthly deposits onto it according to the rewards they have earned The uploads are acknowledged by Argos but there is no reference to expiry being iminent (on a card by card basis) nor has there ever been!
  6. Recently discovered that Sainsburys/Argos Gift cards expire from date of activation not most recent use I have been posting value onto these cards as part of a customer reward scheme up to Dec 2021 Apart from the T&Cs (attached) I have had no reminders of imminent expiry - is this strictly legal? Argos have effectively taken £3000+ from my customers cards Any ideas how to challenge this? Standard-Gift-Card-Terms(2).pdf
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