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  1. Ah I never knew about the breathing space scheme, thanks mate will offer them maybe 1% each month say £23 monthly? Your advice is much appreciated
  2. Good morning from gloomy Devon My energy supplier forgot to bill me since Feb 2018 and they have just caught up with me , they cant go back more than 12 months so the current debt is just £2,300 instead of £10,000 so that's great but they want £230 per month minimum and then whatever the monthly usage is which we have no idea at this stage how much that is I am not ungrateful, However I am in a dilemma as I have no money top pay them and am long term disabled, luckily I have a normal meter so dont have to worry about topping up, well I cant anyway due to disabled I am due to move into sheltered accommodation in a months time. May I ask what you would do in my situation Thanks in advance
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