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  1. Thanks for the replies. The title has subsequently but changed incorrectly. Roadstar didnt change the cluster.. that was a Maserati main dealership. Roadstar sold me the car in 2019. Also, no point in checking mot history. It was only 2.5y old when I got it so there wasn't any history.
  2. In 2019 I bought a Maserati from Roadstar, Coventry. It was 2.5 years old and still under warranty. 3 years later the car had 41500 miles on the clock. Recently the battery was replaced by a garage, and the odometer unfortunately reset to zero as well as developing other cluster issues. I sent the car to Maserati, who have replaced the cluster (for £2800), but are not prepared to set the mileage to what it should be because the old cluster part number does not match the chassis number. They say that they cannot correct the mileage because they can't be sure the mileage on the old cluster was right, so the cluster has been left at close to zero. The only thing Maserati say they can do is give me a disclaimer letter explaining the situation so it will be legal to resell. I was planning on selling the car before this trouble for between 20k and 23k, but now I'm sure no-one would touch it even though it is legal to buy. I As a trading company I suspect Roadstar are legally responsible. Can you tell me whether this is the case, and on what legal basis, anyone? Thanks for your support!
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