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  1. Thanks dx never needed to merge pdf's before therefore didn't know those sites existed. Nevertheless, attached the merged document - hope that helps and thanks in anticipation. Claim form and defence.pdf
  2. No, sorry, my Mac isn't recognising Page 3 and 4 as documents for whatever reason. I've tried multiple times.
  3. Thanks Both, Here are the documents, Claimform+Defence.pdf
  4. Hi All, Firstly, thank you to the contributors on this forum for such good advice regarding the small claims process! I sent a large parcel on 12th December 2021 that sold on ebay for £350 (I stated the value was £700 on the parcel information form - which is what it would cost to replace). Confirmed as Lost by EVRi on 4th January so I refunded the buyer £350 and began the Lost parcel process with EVRi (for the £350 sold price), with a link to the ebay auction as evidence. Followed up with the Letter of Claim and then pursued via Money Claim online after no response again. EVRi filed a defence on 8th April stating that the parcel was delivered on 6th March! - Signature obtained - Household. Therefore they have fulfilled their contract and the parcel was just Late Delivery... I have contacted the recipient - they were out of the country until 14th March, the parcel was left on the doorstep (not delivered and no signature obtained), broken into and damaged by an individual as well as damaged by the weather to an unrepairable state. I have also received evidence of this from the recipient. How can I reply to their defence with this new evidence? will it be considered at mediation or should I go straight to a hearing? Thanks in advance
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