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  1. Hi Dx. Ok I received the attached in the post just now. What do you advise? Also should I reply back to the original letter that IDR sent and try to give some kind of settlement plan? A monthly amount or something? As I cant afford to be bankrupted. Please let me know. Thanks SD Letter - 26_05_2022.pdf IDR Letter Redacted - 09_05_2022.pdf
  2. Oh ok great. Then you have everything I have. The letter, the T&C and the signed paper they sent me. Is there anything else you need? thanks in advance
  3. Ok thank you and apologies for not understanding. Will send all that soon. Thanks 2022-05-09 IDR LOC Reply return.pdf
  4. Hi Dx. So I got a call from someone saying they are trying to deliver a Stat D to me. As I was not in, they said they will type up a letter or something with contact details and then redeliver it. What do I do? Do you want to see all the paperwork they have sent? Its mainly credit card statements, T&C's and a copy of a signed paper which is hard to read but could be trhe Credit Card agreement page. I can scan and load up here in a bit.
  5. Sure will remove the ref numbers. Didn't realise. What do you mean by you need to see their loc return too? I have been looking into it but today got a call that they want to give me a statutory demand? Dont know what that is but apparently someone tried to deliver it to me but Iwas not home. Am very worried and just want this put to bed. Please advise Thanks
  6. Hi DX100uk I did as you suggested and sent back the form filled in as per post 5. I also dont have any assets in my name alone in the UK. I have had a reply back and not sure what to do now. Can you help? thanks IDR Letter Redacted - 09_05_2022.pdf
  7. Can anyone help me? I received a letter from IDR Legal saying they are acting on behalf of Emirates NBD in the UAE. I left Dubai in 2015 when I lost my job and I had some outstanding credit card debt there. I have not been able to secure anything proper / worthwhile since I returned and the economy in the UK hasn't been great either. I am financially struggling and slowly drowning in debt. Even though I want to repay whatever i owe, i am not in a position to do so. following advice I had read on here over the years, I had ignored all calls and messages etc. They would stop for a while before starting up etc and this has been going on like this to date. Then a few weeks ago, it started again (emails, letters, and sms's) which I ignored as usual and then I received a large packet 10 days ago saying that they are going to do a Pre-Action Conduct and Protocol and I have 30 days to reply. They dated the letter 6th April but I only got it 7-10 days ago. I cant afford to have any bankruptcy or court proceedings against me and am extremely worried about this. They have also sent part of the credit card agreement (not all of it) which does appear to have my signature on it, as well as credit card statements from Feb 2014 to Sept 2018 - Even though I left in April 2015. Can anyone help me or give me some good advice? I really dont know what to do and this is extremely stressful. i also dont know how they got my address or phone number. Hope to hear form someone soon. Thanks
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