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  1. Hi guys, hope all is well I have been contacted by a company offering to "buy" my debts for 10% of the value and then they will get them written off using "debt assignment" he basically told me the process but I was wondering if this would work without me paying a company to do it for me? would i be able to sell a debt to a third party after cancelling any contacts with my debtors and not have to pay them? any answers would be much appreciated skye xxxxx
  2. Thanks for the help so far! As i anticipated they are all coming back rejecting my offer, ( it was only 30% of the debt) now do i write again reiterating my inability to make full payments and offer a higher amount? Thanks in advance!
  3. Long shot i know but im gonna send this to a company who continually text me: any thoughts?
  4. haha just read the first line made me giggle a bit and feel all warm inside "Customers are always coming up with increasingly inventive ways of avoiding payment, especially in difficult economic times."
  5. because they could then cash the cheque accepting it as a token payment and still chase me for the rest
  6. okay if i have a letter rejecting my offer but offering me something i think is rediculous is there a follow up letter i can send?
  7. is this letter suitable for use to creditors that have obtained a CCJ against me ?
  8. thank you SOOO Much! Clean credit file.. here i come!
  9. Hi guys, hope all is well in the land of CAG, been a while since my last post! I was wondering, call me stupid if i missed it, if there is a generic "offer of payment in full and final settlement of debt" type letter?
  10. only one problem with that is im now no longer in my cancellation period, ive had 3 faulty phones tho over and above that period.
  11. I purchased a Nokia N97 from Phones4U on the highstreet on 1st October 2009, for a 18month contract on Orange for £35.00 a month. Within a week, the phone was faulty so i took it back the shop, after much debate, the manager replaced it for me. Within a week of the replacement, the second one went faulty, so again i took it back the shop and had an exchange ( after a very long argument and the manager actually laughing at me. ) Two weeks later, the, now 3rd phone, went faulty too. Screen just cracked when I opened it. I took the phone back AGAIN and told p4u i wanted to cancel
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