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  1. Thank you for the reply, I didn't realise this had even been posted! I think I have sorted the issue now, managed to speak to someone at british gas who are going to forward me a final bill for me to send on. Thank you for your advice though!
  2. Managed to contact British Gas, I was right owe nothing, they have said they will send me a final bill to forward to PRAC should be matter over If any wants to contact them I got through on 03332008899 option 3 then 4, then got transferred to energy was all sorted in 20 mins!
  3. They are a total nightmare to contact, I've found a few phone number to try if I manage to talk to a person I'll let you know and pass on the number!
  4. I can't seem to contact British Gas as I no longer have an account and they always ask for an account number before you can speak to a person! I have also emailed and they have said they are not responding to emails at this time. I will keep trying to contact them
  5. Thank you both, should I send the complaint letter I have drafted? At the moment I can't find a council tax bill but I have my completion letter on my current address and the email correspondence between myself and british gas changing my address, I will look for the council tax bill or see if I can contact my local council for a copy.
  6. Hi I'm new here, and looking for some advice! beginning of March I received a letter addressed to me personally (2 letters in the same envelope, 1 from BW legal, 1 from PRAC) stating that I owed £198 for a debt owed to British Gas for my previous property, the dates were from when I had already moved from the property to my current address. In this letter they included a copy of the bill from British Gas which was addressed to the occupier of the property, I then checked the account number on the copy of the bill they had sent with the account number I had with British Gas at the property and they didn't match! Also when I moved to my current address I changed my address with British Gas so essentially just carried on with my account just at a different address. Next I sent a prove it letter to BW legal to see how they would respond, they responded after around 3 weeks. In the letter I received BW legal stated that they had my details from a soft credit check, stating i was the occupier at the time (nothing is showing on my credit reports including the accused debt) and that my debt to EON (yes different company) had been given to them (never had an EON account). They also said that they had included a copy of my bill which I have not received. Now they are requesting that I send them proof that I was not the occupier of the address such as council tax bills, proof of purchase etc. I am not comfortable supplying these as I believe they are fishing for personal information, now I am unsure of what I should do next, I have written a draft of a complaint letter stating that they have not responded correctly to my request to prove that I am responsible for the debt, but I don't really want to start a cat and mouse game, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance
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