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  1. Hello all. I'm considering a second-hand car and after placing a holding "refundable deposit" with the dealer before going to view the car, I did an HPI check. It came back with outstanding finance from 2 finance companies. One was for unit stocking, which I don't have an issue with as it is the way dealers pay to get their stock. The other is a bit more worrying - it is with a finance company that specialises in people with bad credit. Also, the date of that agreement is after the date of the dealer's unit stocking agreement. The dealer tells me that he tried to sell the car to someone who was struggling to get finance, and said that in the end they could not get credit. I spoke to the finance company and they obviously couldn't give me any details, but they did confirm that they "have a financial interest in the vehicle" Any thoughts? Is it right that a dealer can sell a car with outstanding finance such as this? They tell me that they are going to clear the finance after I purchase the car, and will give me a letter saying so. I would have been paying cash. I'm not going to buy the car, but if I have a problem getting my deposit back, what leverage do you think I could have? Thanks in advance.
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