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  1. i will have a look. Im wondering if someone can offer some advice. I booked a piano delivery via InterParcel after selling a piano keyboard on ebay. I chose all the correct weight and dimensions for the parcel and booked a collection. I took photos of the parcel all packaged and applied all the correct postage labels with barcode to the outside of the package. The item was collected on 2nd April at 4pm on the day i had booked. Strange that the delivery person had an Amazon hivis rather than Evri but i guess they do deliveries for multiple companies. I received a myHermes collection receipt with a barcode and the tracking link updated with "We've got your parcel". I waited and checked the tracking link every day which didnt update or change from we've got your parcel. I contacted InterParcel on the 5th day who said it showed as being collected by Evri and they had up to 7 days to deliver. So i waited till the 7th day but nothing. I called InterParcel again who said they had raised a case with Evri to get an update but it would take 72hrs for a reply. They also gave me an Evri tracking number and said i could contact them directly if i wished to do so. When i tried to contact Evri their automated bot took my tracking number and said someone would be in contact. I tried calling but on the phone its also just a bot that doesnt allow you to speak to a human which ever option you try. 72 hrs later i get what seems like an automated pre formatted reply saying "sorry they cannot locate my parcel. The email asks for all the delivery information including receipts of the ebay transaction and value. I have provided all this information including all the photos of the item and receipts. Its a piano bought under 1 year ago for £369. I sold on ebay for £299 and the buyer paid £20 for delivery. I have updated the buyer on the phone and explained that evri have had a problem locating the parcel. Im worried after reading similar posts below that Evri are just going to offer the standard £20 compensation when it has been completely their fault losing the package. Its not a small package that could go missing easily. My concern is they are writing off the loss instead of looking for the parcel properly. Im waiting to hear from Evri. Is there anything else i should be doing in the meantime to either help them find the parcel or make sure they pay the full cost of the item in compensation. I can even provide the email i sent to them with all the photos if it helps? Please help. I do not want to be left £300 out of pocket due to a companies incompetence.
  2. Good advice. I will certainly do this. My point was asking if ZWMN managed to resolve his issue in case his update to this topic helped my issue?
  3. Hi @ZWMNdid you manage to resolve this with Evri? I have had the same problem. Evri have said they have lost my parcel. It is a piano keyboard i sold on ebay. the ebay buyer has paid but hasnt received the piano. I used the correct postage for the weight via InterParcel. They have asked me to fill a claim form but im worried they are going to offer the same measly compensation when its them who have lost it. At the moment i holding out hope they find it as i have given them lots of information and its not a small item that could be lost easily. What should i be doing to make sure they either find it or full compensate me for the loss?
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