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  1. Hi dx No, I sent the N245 to the county court where the hearing was (London) I haven't made any contact with northants bulk, shall try to call them tomorrow afternoon. I see the phone number is there in your link. Should I copy the N245 to northants? Thanks for help.
  2. Hiya, just to update you, they've now posted another enforcement notice - with a deadline of next week before action - to my new address. Presumably found that via the court document? I've not had any acknowledgement from the court of my new N245. I need to check whether the deposit that was in dispute is still sitting with mydeposits so I will dig out the paperwork this week. Also wondering whether it is worth going for an IVA if the court don't agree to my recent offer. Meanwhile, if they turn up I will talk to them through the door.
  3. Thanks, sorry to keep making you repeat yourselves. And on a hot day, too. Appreciate your responses.
  4. Hi guys, there was a Removal of Goods notice served at my old address today. The new owner is a mensch and will not give them any details. I will collect the notice over the weekend and see what it says exactly. Presumably they will try this until the N245 is processed? Am I still OK to sit tight? And yes, I know I should have delivered the N245 quicker. Thanks
  5. I should have that somewhere, although it may have got lost in the move. Will try to dig it out. If it's lost, can I get a copy from the court? No hurry to answer, enjoy your bank holiday.
  6. Thank you, again, I'm sorry to be a pain. OK, I submitted the N245. I emailed W&R to tell them I had done so, and that I would be offering 25 a month. got this response from them, today, is it safe to ignore? My current address is on the N245 but I haven't volunteered it to the HCEO, i just told them I was no longer at my previous address, assume they will have to wait to find out. "an offer of £25.00 per month does not cover the interest mandated by the Court. The daily interest accruing on the balance is £1.72 per day. While we appreciate that you have written to the Court we are at this time instructed to proceed with enforcement action. An attendance will therefore be required."
  7. "Dithering" = being worried sick and unsure whether I've been given the right advice. Not wanting to doubt you and your experience but this is very important to me and I saw a case on here where the N245 didn't deter them and the HCEO sought control of goods; and I have a weaker case than that person as I missed the hearing. Anyway, thanks.
  8. Sorry if this is really annoying. I've been reading through similar cases and although I delivered the N245 today, I do want to fill in a N244 just to be on the safe side. I got a help with fees number so it won't cost me. My question is ... which court do I submit it to? Clerkenwell & Shoreditch CC is where the CCJ originated and that's the court I entered on the N245. W&R's enforcement notice cites Manchester District Registry as the High Court in the "enforcement details" box, the County Court is quoted below. It says "this debt is in relation to a writ issued in the High Court for enforcement". I found a similar case on here where the lady submitted a N245 and ended up also sending in a N244 as the bailiffs came knocking (I know, don't let them in). Am I right in thinking Manchester District Registry goes in the "Name of Court" box? Thanks
  9. OK, thanks very much. As I understood it, HCEOs have more power than normal bailiffs but I think you've dealt with W&R before on here.
  10. You're under no obligation to reply, Andy, sorry. I do appreciate your help, though. The cost of the applications isn't as important as me not having bailiffs turning up at my door, also I get help with fees so didn't have to pay for the N245. The information on that page does seem to suggest that sending both would be a belt and braces approach so I will go with that and let you know how I get on - you may be bored with it but it may help someone else. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I've been looking at this Fact Sheet, and it suggests that I should file a N244 as well as an N245, please could someone advise on this? "If the HCEO issues a notice and you cannot afford to pay all the money, try to make an arrangement to pay by instalments. If you cannot come to an agreement with the HCEO, make an application for a ‘stay of execution’ on a court form called an N244. This application should be made to the court that issued the writ of control. You will have to pay a fee to make the application. Explain that you are requesting a stay of execution, with an offer of payment. This could be by instalments or a lump-sum payment of the whole amount by a certain date." As the deadline the HCEO gave is next week I'm thinking this may be needed, noted that it has to go to the court that issued the order rather than my local county court. After explaining how to fill out the N244, it then says: "As well as applying for a stay of execution in the High Court, you should also apply to the County Court to vary the terms of the original county court judgment. You should ask the County Court to make an instalment order for the same amount and payment dates as you have requested in the stay of execution application. If the County Court accepts your application, and you keep to the payments, this will stop the creditor from taking most other types of action to enforce the judgment. See our Varying a CCJ fact sheet for more information." Advice welcome as always.
  12. No, it just says "interest". It's not 600 exactly, I rounded it up in case someone is looking. It's roughly 8% of the sum that the court decided on last summer. Thanks, I filled it in correctly last time, the creditors baulked at my offer of £10 a month and their solicitors said they wanted £300. I just missed the hearing otherwise I think I could maybe have persuaded the court that I don't have £10k under the bed. Will try again and make sure I dot every i and go to any hearing early. Once again, I am very grateful for this forum.
  13. Yes, I'm just a bit worried as there was a hearing after my first N245 application, which I just missed and the judge dismissed my application. So I'm wondering what goes on with a subsequent N245 application. They've also added £600 interest on, I didn't think they could do that once a Court agreed on a sum that I had to pay? Plus the compliance stage fee.
  14. Oh, thank you! Oh well they can't take much of my benefit, can they? And would they be able to do this while the court are considering the N245? I've emailed to tell them that I've moved, have no connection to the new resident, and will be submitting another N245 with an offer to pay in instalments but am still on UC.
  15. It would be really helpful if you or somebody else could explain those other means to me, it sounds ominous and has got me more worried. Sorry, but if I knew, I wouldn't be on here asking for help. The letter says if I don't pay by that day they will seize goods. It says I can make an arrangement to pay with them but that requires a visit. I thought the advice on here generally was "don't let them in, don't agree to anything you don't have to", hence my wanting to go through the court to set payments.
  16. Thanks, sorry to be a pain. If I deliver N245 by tomorrow to court, how to stop W&R turning up at someone else's house on the day next week? Should I just email them and tell them what I'm doing?
  17. Thanks Andy, I'm not planning on going on the run I just thought it would stall them. I don't mind them having my new address if it's through the court system. I was considering calling them to tell them that I had moved and they would hear from the court in due course, just as a courtesy to the new resident. So, the main point is, shall I fill in a fresh N245 and deliver it? As regards your "or deal direct with Wilson & Roe", is that wise? I can be honest as regards how much income I have/don't have and offer £30 a month. Or, I could contact them and tell them my circumstances and that I'm submitting a new N245?
  18. Hello all, so I've just had a Notice of Enforcement from Wilson & Roe telling me to pay by 2 June. Please could I have some advice. They sent it to my old address and it was forwarded. They don't have my new address but the new resident at my old address does; I don't want to cause him any bother. On the other hand I don't want to give them my new address just now. What should my first move be? Am panicking a bit. I'm on UC still, could (with the help of friends and family) offer to pay £30 a month rather than £10. Main fear is having bailiffs picking over my stuff, as I've said before, it's little resale value but it's mine. Thank you. I should fill in an N245 and deliver to the court? I have changed circs in that I've moved to a new address, UC are paying me more as I have rent to pay here, was staying with a friend before. Even so, £30 a month would be the most I could afford. Should I respond to the Debt Enforcers at all?
  19. Thank you, guys, you have been very reassuring. Have a good Easter or whatever holidays you are celebrating.
  20. Hi Brassnecked, thank you for response. I moved out of the property as soon as I was able, so in the summer of 2020. I am on my own. Thanks Andy - so I would get notice of their intention to enforce it? I don't want a bailiff turning up and taking my stuff - it's got little resale value, but it's *my stuff*. I sold what I could already.
  21. I would appreciate some advice. I was taken to court by landlords, they won a judgement of £8k. I am on UC, as I told them before they took the action, with no assets, other than stuff I need and stuff that has no real resale value. rented the flat when I was in well-paid work, Covid happened, I lost my job, couldn't move out as we were in lockdown, racked up £2k rent and they wouldn't return my deposit due to made-up "damages". The rent is costs. I've run out of savings i applied via a N245, offering to pay £10 a month. There was a hearing which I just missed - and my appeal was dismissed. Can I make another application via the N245 form? I could up it to £20 a month, but the £300 a month their solicitor suggested is out of my reach. Does anyone have any other suggestions, please? Thanks
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