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  1. I was only 2 months into my monthly insurance payment when they cancelled it so it was not due for renewal. It was due to the fact they had moved to a new payment system and i had failed to provide them my card details for the new payment system.
  2. I have a bike insurance policy that got cancelled due to non payment. Does this mean that i have to tick the cancelled, voided etc etc insurance box when getting vehicle insurance on comparison websites and individual insurers websites? Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the reply Ethel I was paying monthly and yes they tried to contact me via email. As for the void insurance mark i am assuming that because my policy got cancelled by the insurance company for non payment not due to renewal but due to failing to get my card details, i now assume i have to tick the dreaded cancelled, void etc etc insurance box when i go to get insurance for car and bike. My bike is insured now with a different insurer.
  4. My bike insurance has been cancelled due to MCE moving to a new card payment system and I had covid during the period they tried to contact me to update my card details onto the new card payment system. And now I have a void insurance mark against me. I have looked at insurance prices for a motorbike with the void insurance box ticked and now it’s double what I’m Getting quoted before I had the void insurance mark. This seems to be a bit excessive for a single mis payment error now I have to deal with a void insurance mark against me. I have phoned MCE up twice and they have said they can’t do anything and can’t reinstate the policy, they have also taken a default payment twice. Is there anything I can do to fix the void insurance mark against me? Also the emails for the card update went into my spam folder and I saw them by chance.
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