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  1. Thanks dx, I'm ever so grateful for all your advice and time! I'll go through the threads today, and refresh my brain. Northants said I had to submit both n244 and n245, so I did. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that lowell are a no show, it's quite a long way for them to come (sunderland).
  2. I sent the SAR to 3, they replied with their own form for me to complete, that was Saturday, I've not responded to that yet. I've not contacted Lowell/overdales to request anything, so not heard from them. I just have no clue what to expect, what they will ask or what I'm to say. Just play dumb to the said debt? Do I need to take anything? I'm getting a bit anxious about the whole court situation
  3. No nothing. Only an email from marstons , confirming my file has been placed on hold pending the court case...although the figure has increased by 200 quid.
  4. Afternoon, so I'm due at court on Wednesday. I'm going in clueless, how can I prepare for this. Nothing has xhanged since my previous post. A few emails from marstons asking me to complete their expenditure form, which I've ignored.
  5. Hi dx, I think the sky and Vodafone are not showing as they are well over 6 years. All my addressed are there and present on my credit file.The other ones are from 2017, the default dates are, may, June and December 2017. Hi bedtimes, thanks for the info, I'll send the letter tomorrow, yes I've been exhausting myself on similar threads. Really appreciate both your help
  6. Hi, no I've not sent the letter yet yes all debt in england...sky, talk talk, Vodafone...on my credit file sky is not there and only one vodafone, but lowell hold the others . . I'll upload the letter , thanks lowell 50%.pdf
  7. Well the day just gets better. Received a letter from lowell with other debts on... 5 separate debts but an offer of a 50% reduction... .sky I've not had for almost 10 yrs, and talk talk...I've never had talk talk. Do I need to act upon these? How can I prevent them going to ccj? Thank you.
  8. Just reading through your instruction....regarding the rubbish stuff Lowells will be sending....what are they sending, will they do it automatically? I've not requested anything from lowell, I've never even spoken to them. Hi, just spoken to Northants again. i've posted all they have of the poc should I contact overdales? Thanks
  9. Thanks so much, I'll tackle that tomorrow. My brains a bit fried ATM. Thanks once again for taking your time to help me, I really appreciate it
  10. I can't remember if it was a credit agreement or contract, I can't recall the amount per month neither, sorry, it was a difficult time. Is there some way I can find out if it was a credit agreement or a contract? Thanks
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