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  1. Hello all I received warning letter from TFL because I use freedom oyster card by mistake. TFL mentioned in the email "I have taken into consideration all the facts of this case and the public interest and have decided on this occasion, and without creating a precedent, to dispose of this matter by means of a warning. Although this warning is not a criminal conviction Transport for London will retain a record and it will be taken into account in any decision to bring a criminal prosecution against you, should you be reported for a similar offence within the next 12 months." Does this warning letter affect my citizenship application? Does any one had the same letter and affect citizenship application or not??
  2. Thanks, I am worried because on the citizenship application they ask if I received warning, I am not sure if TFL warning this the same police warning or not??
  3. Hi all I have a problem. 3 month ago I got caught because I used grandmother's freedom Oyster card by mistake only once. I received letter they asked me to reply with in 10 day, then I sent email and I explained that I use it by mistake 2 weeks ago I received email (they dispose of this matter by means of a warning) I am worried now, because I am not sure if this warning affect my citizenship application, and not sure if I have to declare this warning. Please help me, and sorry for my bad English.
  4. My advice is call them tomorrow and said that you use it but not to much and you do not remember how many time you use it. And then say I am sorry, apologies, promise you will not do that aging, and explain how criminal record will affect you ( getting job, your health because of stress.... ) then say that you are happy to pay penalty fare or something like that ( WITH OUT COURT ). then apologies.
  5. I advise you to call them even if you're afraid, contact them and apologize
  6. Yes, I know it was a big mistake. You should apologize to them and don't do it again. Be honest about that.
  7. Sorry I thought you had a job and you had an employer. If you have long-term illness such as high blood pressure, you can tell them that prosecution could negatively affect your health because it can make your blood pressure higher or lower than normal.
  8. You can ask the employer to write a letter stating that if you get a criminal record, they will fire you
  9. not yet. Did you receive your letter?
  10. The same thing happened to me and I am very scared. I am waiting for a letter from TFL.
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