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  1. I have sent the letter earlier today, so that ship has sailed. I mistook the 3rd party reference to refer to sender/recipient/Evri. There is no overview of the process that I can find, and what I did find I misintepreted. If I find the energy to look for a comparable case amongst the dozens I need to read, I will try and learn what else was wrong with what I considered to be a standard form letter, and then write here for more advice (or more learning to be done). Thanks anyway for your help, this forum is the best I have got.
  2. Thank you for your response. Tbh I am not sure I have that in me. I have care commitments and have clearly failed to even locate a basic example form of claim in a from my confusing series of autolinks and irrelevant forms. I posted my original article in the wrong section, probably meaning that I will be accused of spamming, which is not my intention either. I have read a lot, despite the autolinks, and I am very sorry that I got it wrong. I was hoping for a standard claims process against a company who is clearly not responding and counts on low energy of customers, but if every case is bespoke or cannot be linked to clusters of posts, I will give in.
  3. No, I referred to the 3rd parties act as I found it on someone elses letter of claim and tried to copy it, as the standard forum link to the form was confusing to me, as it linked to a debt recovery form . I mistakenly thought it was part of a standard form. I issued the letter of claim today, which they have not responded to (the email address is an incorrect domain and it bounced) and now planned to wait for 15 days whilst I get more advice. (and clearly need to read more).
  4. Hello Bankfodder, sorry you feel that way, I tried to get everything right after I read for a few hours. Clearly not enough, apologies, I am not trying to make it hard for anyone. Was the item you sent correctly declared ? Yes it was declared as a digital camera. Was the value correctly declared ? Yes, it was declared as $405 = £313. Did you take out the so-called insurance ? Yes, insured standard delivery <1kg, total cost at £14.05. I gather from the letter that you have written that you organise the delivery through packlink which suggests to me that you were doing this through eBay. Is this correct? I did not mention packlink or ebay? It was a delivery I arranged via the EVRi parcel service at the time, with parcel drop off at the local shop? On arrival, it was set as returned to sender, but did not make it back to me.
  5. Hello team, I hope you are well. I have a standard issue re EVRi lost delivery, and have read dozens of posts on this matter to not waste your time. The website forum structure is a mystery for me as a newbie, my apoligies if this is not the right place to start a "new thread". The "letter of claim" links lead to a debt form, which I found confusing, but I think I got the jist of the other posts. I would be obliged if you could check my letter of claim form below, which I will email and send via tracked delivery, before sending the letter of court request 15 days later. I do this due to a deep sense of unfairness wrt EVRi/Evri, combined with an outrage about the inability to get help. The network of discontinued email addresses, ignored complaints on Twitter, terribly ineffective chat bots and ineffective help sections on the website made me feel frustrated and depressed. Letter of Claim Addressed via email to [email protected] (seems to bounce back, but I dont have the latest) and via Special Delivery to EVRi / EVRI Courier Service c/o Martijn De Lange Capitol House 1 Capitol Close Morley, LEEDS, West Yorkshire, LS27 0WH Dear Martijn and Evri Team, Please find attached the formal letter of claim with regards to a parcel lost in your network. It contained a Kandao QooCam 8K digital 360 Camera which I bought for £313 (US$ 409) and was sent via insured standard delivery <1kg at £14.05, and is not listed as a prohibited item with regards to loss (ref https://www.evri.com/send/what-i-can-and-cannot-send. The details of delivery tracking is in the PS. Under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999 and Consumers Rights Act 2015, I am writing to claim full compensation directly from EVRI for my missing parcel with a total value sale of £313 (US$409) plus £14.05 insured delivery cost). If my claim is not approved within 14 days of receipt of this letter, I will issue proceedings against you through the county court. Yours Faithfully, My Name Barcode number: C00HHA016705xxxx We're expecting it 10:23 - Mon Feb 21: We're expecting your parcel to arrive with us soon and we'll update your tracking once we've received it We've got it 10:51 - Mon Feb 21: We've received your parcel at the ParcelShop and will be collecting it shortly 13:40 - Mon Feb 21: We've collected your parcel 19:30 - Mon Feb 21: Your parcel is being sorted at the senders local depot 10:24 - Wed Feb 23: Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you On its way 06:21 - Tue Feb 22: Your parcel is at the delivery depot and we'll let you know when it's out for delivery Out for delivery 09:54 - Tue Feb 22: Your parcel is on its way to you today 10:17 - Tue Feb 22: Your local courier will deliver your parcel between 10:00 and 12:00 today 10:50 - Tue Feb 22: We've been asked to return this parcel back to the sender. You don't need to do anything as we'll make sure it's taken care of We've got it 10:24 - Wed Feb 23: Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you (incdudes two pictures of initial drop off, pre return to sender, including a parcel not on a doorstep but on the back of a delivery van, packaging and label still intact)
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