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  1. Thanks also to FTMDave. Not having been through this process before the help received from this forum has provided reassurance, confidence and a route to take my claim forward. Thanks again RedBirdMas
  2. Thanks for that dx100uk, haven't come across that info anywhere else. will keep in mind . Hopefully wont be required, but useful to know. Cheers P.S. thanks to all, the help on this Website/Forums been really useful.
  3. Hi Didn’t realise its only cost £3 for Land Registry records. Good to know now that the house is owned by the guys wife. Thanks for that. I understood that if the CCJ is assigned to the residential address, it will impact anyone at that address in terms of access to finance or credit etc. Would that be correct? Do I need to do anything to ensure it is logged against the home address? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your help Mantis I know he lives at the address. I visited, and he answered the door acknowledging he lived there. He’s saying the property is owned by his wife, which as he’s had a company dissolved, I tend to think he may have transferred the property to his wife to avoid losing it. I just want CCJ to be served at this home address. I also want to keep the cost of perusing him down.
  5. Online Money claim defendant has changed his address to a nonresidential building that has nothing to do with him, he is using a friend to collect he mail and pass it on to him. When submitting the Money Claim online, I used his actual address. This he has now changed to his friends address so the CCJ isn't attached to his property. How can I make sure the CCJ is attach to the property I originally specified in the claim? I'm not professional, but a retired Project Manager.
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