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  1. Thanks for your advice, I kind of figured as much.
  2. £326 for back pads 1 tyre (budget) and a retaining spring on the front caliper, not exactly a bargain.
  3. No a friend towed me to my works car park where I borrowed a works van
  4. New to this site so be gentle lol and sorry for the long post. I put my Audi A4 into Arnold Clark for service and MOT under service plan. I was informed I needed back pads a tyre and a retaining spring on the front caliper, I okayed the work. The car went in on the Thursday and after a delay in getting the spring I got it back the following Tuesday with a new MOT. I drove the car our of the dealers and realised I had no brakes the pedal went straight to the floor, I frantically pumped the brakes and the pedal feel came back. I drove another mile and the pedal went again. I phoned them but had to wait for a call back and as it was nearly 6pm I knew I would be stranded at the road side so I nursed it home. The car went back in on the Wednesday morning they had the car for another 13 days. They did give me a courtesy car which broke down on the Saturday and after a phone call to the branch I was told there was nothing they could do for me leaving to deal with getting there car recovered. The service manager from the branch was honest with me regarding fixing my car although not admitting any fault on there part. After I got the car back I got a call from customer services offering £75 as a goodwill gesture. Is this fair or should I expect more.
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