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  1. So, you're saying I should combine my two claims (damage + lack of service) into one large claim and request-payment-then-small-claims-court just British Telecommunications plc (BT)?
  2. I am treating the house damage and compensation for lack of service as two different claims at the moment. (1) Do you think I should combine them into one larger claim? I have received some money from BT as part of the mandatory compensation as ordered by OFCOM, but the is more I need to claim in regard to missing service and missed visits - I just didn't want to muddy the claims by mixing them both up. Here is the BT Damage Hole Timeline (not including missing phone & broadband service); BT Damage Hole Timeline; =================================== 01/10/21 Initial Setup Appointment I was told Broadband engineer would visit on 04 Oct 2021 between 8am and 1pm =============================== 04/10/21 2021 Engineer visit booked for between 8am and 1pm ENGINEER NEVER ARRIVED 1st missed visit =============================== 11/10/21 Mon - new engineer visit setup - I phoned to double check - was told everything engineer would visit on 12th Oct, tomorrow. =================================== THE PORCH DAMAGE INCIDENT 12/10/21 Broadband engineer Connor Appointment date Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 between 8am-1pm He arrived around 11am BT job reference number:· VOL013-619545474893 SMASHED HOLE IN MY PORCH ROOF ================================== 14/10/21 EMAIL from You recently had a visit from our Engineer, Connor, on behalf of your communication provider and we would love to hear how things went. Simply click below to give us your feedback: ====================== 14/10/21 WEB FORM - I leave feedback making a complaint about the hole. ==================== 15/10/21 EMAIL From - BT We're looking into it Hello, Thanks for getting in touch with us. We're looking into the complaint you raised and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Your reference number is VOL013-624452256581. British Telecommunications plc ================================ 18/10/21 EMAIL We have investigated your complaint. Firstly, we would like to apologize for the unprofessional installation. In order to get the issue resolved, you will be required to raise a case with Openreach directly. Please follow the instructions on the link below: ========================= 21/10/21 EMAIL From - Lillie Stewart claims at DWF BT - Claim Form (Damage) - Updated Template.doc Insured: BT We are in receipt of your telephone message and confirm that Vicky Tomenson will be dealing with your case on behalf of British Telecommunications plc. Her email address is [Email Removed] I should therefore be grateful if you could address all future correspondence to her quoting the above reference at the end of the subject line, in the following format - [Removed] To enable us to investigate your claim, I attach a Claim Form which I should be grateful if you could complete and return to DWF claims Kind Regards, Lillie On behalf of BT Lillie Stewart Claims Assistant ================================= 24/10/21 EMAIL We're looking into it Hello, Thanks for getting in touch with us. We're looking into the complaint you raised and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Your reference number is VOL013-626971299333. British Telecommunications plc ============================== 30/11/2021 to 03/12/2021 EMAIL - I ask for quotes from builders =============================== 30/11/2021 to 07/12/2021 EMAIL - I receive various builders quotes =================================== 07/12/2021 to 28/01/2022 I should mention that I am severely disabled and often have long periods of time when I am so bad I am unable to do anything. This is one of those periods. =============================== 28/01/2022 I sent completed claim form to Vicky Tomenson at DWF claims ================================ 07/02/22 EMAIL Good Morning I refer to previous correspondence. Investigations into this matter have revealed that MJ Quinn were working at the incident location at the relevant time. BT is contracted with MJ Quinn to carry out works on its behalf. Pursuant to the contract between BT and MJ Quinn are required to indemnify BT against claims brought against BT for damages and/or loss and/or injury. Your claim therefore should be dealt with by MJ Quinn and/or their insurers. I have forwarded your claim to MJ Quinn and asked them to correspond directly with you in relation to your claim. Our file will remain open and we will maintain contact with MJ Quinn throughout the claim. Kind Regards Vicky Tomenson On behalf of BT Vicky Tomenson Claims Handler ========================= ...and that's the hole story....
  3. The BT lawyer, Vicky Tomenson, tells me the name of the contractor is MJ Quinn - a google search shows that this 'www.mjquinn.co.uk ' is presumably the company, a Telecommunications contractor in Knowsley, England. I should point out that the only evidence I have that this was company is the BT lawyer, Vicky Tomenson, saying it is - All I saw was an engineer who gave his name as 'Connor', who turned up in BT Openreach marked van, did "the worst install we've ever seen" (a quote from BT engineers who came to fix the fibre line - they took a picture to show their co-workers), strewed rubbish all over my driveway, didn't make sure the line actually worked, and drove off before I could go outside and see the damage. The line didn't work for almost 4 months and took over 10 BT engineer visits to finally fix - the problem was finally traced to 'Connor''s very poor fibre optic splice. I have no personal proof of anything else. The BT lawyer I have been told will be dealing with my claim is Vicky Tomenson, Claims Handler, of DWF Claims of Bridgewater Place Water Lane Leeds LS11 5DY. I was told by BT (during a phone call with BT) that 'these are the lawyers that deal with claims against BT.' I have got a quote from a local builders of a total of £660 inc VAT in a written (emailed) quote from a local builder that I attached to completed claim form I sent back - can I claim extra for my (excessive) time I've had to spend dealing with this? The documents I sent were; (1) Completed claim form. (2) Quote from builder for repair of the damage. (3) Multiple photographs of the damage. (4) Photograph of my driving license as proof of identity. (5) Utility bill as proof of address. The reason I did not name the law firm at first was that I was unsure about if this was permitted as this is my first post here - I see now that it is. I'm going to SAR both BT, BT Openreach and MJ Quinn right now. Thank you for your reply.
  4. Living in England, about 6 months ago, I joined BT to get full-fibre broadband. When the engineer installed the fibre optic cable through the exterior wall, he SMASHED (not drilled but smashed) a fist sized hole through the roof of my porch. I complained to BT, who put me in contact with their lawyer. After I got in contact with her, she sent me a form to fill in. I filled in the form giving all the details and gave a description of the damage, along with photographs and a quote from a local builder to repair the damage. I then received and email back from her saying; In the weeks since, I have (of course) received no communication from [Contractor] nor any thing more from BT My questions are; (1) I only have a contract with BT, never having heard of [Contractor] until now, and indeed, have only BT's word that the engineer really was working for [contractor]. Is it not BT that bears the responsibility of any damage anyone working for them does to my property, contractor or not? (2) If the answer to (1) is yes, is BT's lawyer breaking any laws by falsely telling me BT is not liable, and, if so, to what professional body do I complain about this? (3) What should I do next?
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