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  1. Thank you for your advice everyone! I have decided the following: 1) not to get the servicing and warranty from cargiant 2) subject to a CLEAN/adequate report from the RAC inspection, buy the car (since cargiant have said they have fixed the initial issue I was worried about) I think the issue I have is there are literally zero reliable car dealers out there. I was considering buying a car £3k more from a Mercedes Benz dealer and found a discrepancy in the mileage on the MOT info online vs the actual mileage the car is showing. I think buying from a "reputable" dealer is nonsense, as even the most OFFICIAL dealers that you pay a premium for, can turn out to be just as useless as the cheap assembly line dealers. Assuming there is nothing wrong with the car (unlikely), I think its a great deal.. I will update on here once I get the RAC report, with cargiants response.
  2. I have decided to get a comprehensive inspection by RAC before I buy it.. that should limit the issues I have I assume! I have checked the MOT certificates online and the mileage doesnt seem to have discrepancies..
  3. the name of the dealer is CarGiant (the largest dealer in the world apparently)
  4. Hi All, I am about to buy a car with Cargiant outright (Mercedes A class 2017) but when I test drove the car I heard a noise that seemed concerning. I agreed to buy the car dependent on if that issue was fixed. I have since spoken to halfords to arrange a full health check (if I go ahead and buy) and they told me that I should be covered under 30 days to return the car (consumer goods act). I called Cargiant and they said categorically that is not true and they do not offer refunds under ANY circumstances. surely this cannot be true?! are there instances where people take cargiant to a small claims court and lose the case? I am very nervous about buying this car now and I am wondering if I should just buy with Mercedes themselves (although I cannot afford this right now). My current plan is: - buy the car outright, assuming they have fixed the issue - buy the warranty that comes with the car (covering all mechanical and electrical faults for 3 years at £900) - take it to halfords for a full health check - do a major service at halfords if the health check is fine is this okay? I have only paid cargiant £200 as of now for a deposit which I can claim back if they fix the root cause of the noise issue. I am unsure what to do as I dont know anything about cars and have no one in my life that is very car-savvy! would appreciate any help!
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