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  1. Can plod see everyone who is insured on a policy through ANPR. e.g. if I’m the main driver and I have my partner on the policy as a named driver, can they see that another person is insured?
  2. My situation is very complicated. I was stopped end of Nov last year for going a bit fast by an unmarked police car. Officer told me to ‘slow down a bit’ and was going to let me go following licence checks. He then came back and said I was disqualified since July 2021. This came as a total shock to me. Officer seized my car and dropped me home. I had just bought my new car in October and didn’t have a clue about this ban. He advised me to ring DVLA to find out more. next morning I rang DVLA, was told I had a tot up ban from July 2021 relating to 2 MS90s (all of these were held in my absence). First MS90 relating to a speeding offence in June 2018 - personally i can’t remember if I received a NIP for this as it was so long ago and I was suffering from severe mental health issues at the time . I definitely did not receive info on the hearing which was in Dec 18 and was given 6 points and a fine in my absence. Speeding was dropped and just the MS90 was given. Second MS90 August 2020 again a speeding offence for a work car which I used to drive on occasion as Fleet Manager (not sure I was actually driving at the time as it was accessible to the whole team). Did not receive any paperwork in relation to this. 6 points given again (which led to 12 points = tot up ban). Went to court (with a solicitor) for the driving whilst disqualified and have been given a 12 month ban and huge fine. Any ideas on how I can get myself out of this absolute mess please?? The ban is negatively impacting my mental health again, along with having to deal with the stress and anxiety relating to all of this. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!
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