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  1. I am so ashamed of myself, financially Im in a really bad place and it was my little sisters birthday and wanted to get her something nice, I shoplifted worth of 75£ in Selfridges (toys) and was caught as they saw me on the CCTV out the stuff in the bag and walk out. I had already bought a couple of things from there and that included receipts. They took me to a holding room and asked for the stuff that were in the bag, 2 had receipts and 3 were stolen. They called the police and we waited for them to arrive but it seemed like they didnt show up and selfridges was going to close in 10 mins. one of the employees approached me and asked for my address and in return they would cancel the call the police. I didnt want to make things worse and gave them my address and one of the women took a picture of my ID (which isnt a uk id, im an international student). What will happen next? Im so scared that they will show up at my door I will never do anything like this ever again this was my lesson and I learned it. But please could anyone tell me what action is next? Will the police be involved? And what will they do with my address, Im really scared and nervous. Will this in any way show up on my record and will my student visa be revoked? Im so scared and this is my first time getting caught my record is clean and I have never been arrested before.
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