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  1. Yes it was reported to the venue
  2. Just a simple cancellation/non attendance fees due to use requesting to leave the league before the season is over.
  3. I think that may be one reason and paying referee fees I think
  4. T&C S6 - T&C's WWW.SOCCERSIXES.NET View S6's member terms and conditions
  5. Hello All, I've been playing in soccersixes leagues for a few years now and a couple of months ago me and my team were playing when at the end of the game when walking out one of our players got attacked by a player from the team we had just played he was attacked just outside the venue of where we played. The league dealt with this issue but me and my mates came to an agreement that we wanted to leave the league immediately due to not being able to guarantee the safety of my mates. I've told the league twice of our intention to leave and I got the usual reply of pay/play until the team is replaced this has now been over a month and the league haven't even bothered with trying to replace us. I have now just got a letter through the post with 3 options and the final one being seeking other ways of recovering the debt owed to them and only given me 5 days to sort it out with them or they will go down the final option. Can anyone please advise me on what I can do. Thanks in advance
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