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  1. I am really trying to buy time and see if we (the lease holders) together manage to agree on a better deal where we receive a fairer service and prices.
  2. Hi, I live in a development where we don't have the right to choose our own heating and cooling supplier (I believe due to the lease), so in the past EON was the one to provide us with this service. A few months ago, without our approval (leaseholder) Management replace EON with a new company called Engie. Right from the beginning we realised that the new company was worse than EON in terms of prices and compensation rights (in case of prolonged service failure). Some neighbors also complained that they were charged (apparently by mistake) large amounts by direct debit from their bank accounts (Understand Direct Debit in the only payment method that this company accepts) This company charged an exorbitant amount for their service, just one example only the Standing charge is £27 per month for heating and £15 for cooling. They also charge each KWh of Heating at 27p and Each KWh of Cooling at 7p At this time I have not established a contract with this new company and I understand some other neighbours have not either. Engie doesn't know who I am. But I received a letter in the mail addressing the occupant of the property. informing that if I don't set up an account by April 7th my service will be isolated. it's possible? can they really do that? Thanks
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