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  1. Just to clarify, as Santander is next on my list to update my address. Update your personal details – Santander Consumer Finance WWW.SANTANDERCONSUMER.CO.UK should i not even fill in that form ? should i ONLY EVER write/post letter and obtain proof from PO?
  2. ah, rookie mistake, they didnt ask much, didnt even question todays payment , Duly noted , NEVER TALK ON PHONE TO THEM. thankyou
  3. current and business is starling . on the phone now to mbna to update address , 30 min wait . should i change my contact number though to an old sim i have so i dont get hounded and it has to be sent via post?
  4. it goes into my current account to pay for bills . its not like there is any excess income? no fancy cars above 2k . i have a couple of questions . my mbna dd that i cancelled is registered to my previous address. where i am now is not on the address drop down menu and says to contact them . what if i was to change to my in laws address on same street . would that have any repercussions to them? or should i just do a royal mail redirection? also is a direct debit for family sport / leisure centre classed as a luxury . its just a thing for us and kids into swimming pool and other sport there. I dont want to take that away from them but if needs must . thankyou
  5. So today is my first missed payment ever on a credit card . What if they ring me ? What do I say ? I don’t want a lengthy explanation incase my tongue gets me in trouble , that and I’m pretty emotional right now.
  6. Hey thanks, yes a friend said the same kind of thing to me which was reassuring when i seen you mention it in yours also . it's not like you owe the money to your best mate. To your Creditors you are just a number on a spreadsheet. They got caught out in the 2007 bubble and lost a lot . They ended up with a lot of debt on cards and have been making token payments since . Most of which have offered a full and final of 80% reduction but they .arent for paying just yet . ideally what i would like is for it not to drag on like that . Take the defaults and then try and rebuild my credit in 6 years. However someone here might be able to tell me if i would be best making token payments . Lets be real here though. 12k earning per year and struggling at that with fuel now , wife gets some tax credits , that doesnt leave much if anything on the table with having 3 kids . This fuel hike has really sunk my ship .
  7. thankyou so much. i have just started this thread. I am done for , ill never be able to pay this back being realistic. The stress of it all and realisation broke me last week. Ive already admitted to myself that my credit is about to go to zero. Im just trying to make sure that my wife keeps hers good .
  8. Hi Badtimes123 Loss of employment, £50k plus in recent debt, help needed to plan the future - Page 2 - Debt management and Debt self-help - Consumer Action Group whoa , you have been in the exact same boat as myself . infact i showed my wife this and she thought it was me . i did try to message you for some one to one advice but it wouldnt let me so thought i would try here as i , myself, am now at day one of your journey . my story goes like yourself . 40 , 3 young kids , wife doesnt work. Self employed with becoming a struggling business 12K PER YEAR . around 58k credit card debt all in my name (wifes credit is good but she does not work) . £8600 Santander £15500 MBNA £10K HALIFAX £4000 Sainsburys (they coincidentally offered me 15 months balance and money transfer today ) M&S £4000 Virgin £16000 i have never missed any payments , paid them off before in my early years . Its just recently over last few years where it is beyond contol now . Guess ive been robbing peter to pay paul too much and its all came to this . i could argue irresponsible lending due to income but lets face it, buck stops with me . My first missed payment is due to be tomorrow , i have been worried sick , breakdown sick. i just cant cope anymore . my question is what is my first steps? do i contact them all , i already cancelled the debit for tomorrows mbna? i see it said that best you can do is default as quickly as possible rather than kick a can down the road . Should i offer token payments or simply cancel debits and stick my head in the sand which worries me . i would really appreciate any help since you have been through this same scenario. feel free to message me . thankyou. i also dont mind sharing my journey also if it helps others .
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