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  1. Thank you very clear. Order says that i need to send bundle by post. Will prepare everything by 1st of may and send on 14th as advised. Will keep you posted if i hear anything from them. Thank you very much for your help and support.
  2. Claim Form.pdfDefendant Response.pdfCounty Court Order.pdf Redacted and reuploaded. I am planning to submit original purchase email, my booking with parcel to go and all correspondence with parcel2go to date. As well as confirmation from store that they have not received an item. I will follow your advice and submit it just before the deadline. thank you!
  3. Ok thank you i will redact and reupload if needed I have submition of evidence and witness statement by 17 of May. Was not told court date yet
  4. Hi All, I sent a large parcel with parcel2go using EVRi - they have lost it. I followed advice on this platform. Issued letter of claim, started court proceedings, went to mediation they offered me less then half i have rejected. Now need to submit witness statement and email correspondence to court most likely will have hearing summer this year. I am more then happy to go all the way and have read all arguments why additional protection is non-enforceable. I have read in another thread that there a judgement against Parcel2go. If there is possibility to see it it would be great i could use it or part of it in my witness statement. They lost 550£ worth of goods and offered me 20£ originally and 200£ during mediation. Thank you for your help in advance!
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