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  1. Thank you for the replies. No delay in returning the S172 returned within 72 hours - not concerned about the course wont get offered one attended possibly three years back. All that is stated re the drink driving is "disqualified until 3/11/2022 , however that is true but at the time of the incident ie Speeding that was 28/10/2021 so able to drivedid not attend court until 04/11/2022 I dont understand why no fixed penalty issued also states i have 21 days to reply to the SJPN but from when date of receipt which was 13/04/2022 , also i am mindful of the "time barred " six months. So I propose to simply ring and say what date did you receive the S172 - why have you not issued a fixed penalty notice , i intend to do this 29/04/2022 at which point the offence is over six months and refer to assumed issued as a admin error the office is over six months and no fixed penalty noticed issued any comments would be appreciated
  2. I have received a single Justice Procedure notice relating to speeding on a mortorway 49mph apparently restricted to 40 mph the date of the offence is 28/10/2021 the police statement is signed 11/03/2022 but only received today 13/04/2022. What concerns me they have not issued the normal fixed penalty notice the offence is caught on camera - they acknowledge S172 was returned to the central ticket office, Exceed variable speed limit - automatic camera device M62 J19 - J20 - The issue and why they the police may have taken this route is PNC reports disqualified until 03/11/2022 - however at the time of the offence i had not been disqualified and further more the actual date is reduced 3 months because i have since completed a drink driving rehabilitation course facts speeding yes - Driving while disqualified No, date of offence 28/10/2021, Single Justice Procedure Notice 11/03/2022 digital signature. To conclude I would expect £100 fine but are the police pursuing this on a different path because of the DR10 and the subsequent ban i reiterate at the time of this minor speeding offence i had not been banned any guidance would be appreciated
  3. dx100uk thank you so much i will make a donation to the site appreciated - the final question is why the creditor goes to these lengths , i assume fear and in event of raising a remortgage or second charge they can control that by nature of the restriction , furthermore if they obtain a FINAL CHARGING ORDER i assume at that point they can register in the charges register but most dont because it involves going back to court or maybe insufficient equity. I like to think i am reasonably financially aware , most solicitor web sites dont say dont get concerned need not pay rather the opposite hence your feedback is appreciated , i for one think if they lend on an unsecured basis thats how it should remain lets be honest the charge a rate to reflect that. To conclude your comments on why they take such action if the house can be sold do you feel the creditor takes such steps Ps after this i will leave you alone and THANK YOU
  4. Firstly thank you for a very prompt response, before i get the champagne out and i will send you a bottle seems all too easy - nothing in the Charges Register other than the first mortgagee YBS. So an interim order on the Proprietorship register as described before date of restriction 18/01/2011 - nothing in the charges register and no mention of a final charge, i digress restriction fine - we are selling not borrowing, not remortgaging however we then have funds equity sales proceeds call it what you want that the creditor Egg stupid name but Yes Egg have a claim on - not heard from Egg for god knows a long time so i aint chasing them. In conclusion we need to give clear title to the purchaser , so my understanding you do nothing on exchange you write presumably registered approach saying we have sold the gaff, at that point within a timescale, 28 days the need to say you owe us X - but it isnt secured the CCJ is over six years , the question would be why register an interim order if that simple to say "no thanks " other than panic you - i dont tend to panic by the way. surely my solicitor acting in the sale would know this, or i simply say thought should not pay the parasites please advise and thanks again
  5. No Charge in the title register only the First Mortgagee - The Proprietor Register .... - 18-01-2011 - restriction "no disposition of the registered estate other than a disposition by the proprietor of any registered charge registered before the entry of this restriction, is to be registered before entry of this restriction, is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or their conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to egg banking plc company reg 02999842 at floor 9 tolworth tower Ewell road Surbiton KT6 7EL - being the person with the benefit of interim charging order on the beneficial interest of XYZ made by uxbridge County Court 05/01/2011 - Court reference. so Joint Ownership HOUSE IS BEING SOLD - not a remortgage nothing from egg in ten years no longer trading. What do we do to pass on clear title to the purchaser if nothing from egg or their representatives - only noted in the title - nothing in the charges register. Please help
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