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  1. no update online, trying to call, endlessly on hold. I give up. I didn't submit any forms, just ticked the mediation option bit on the paperwork that was returned with his response.
  2. My full name is printed on 11th February email section. Please can you remove it? Thanks i haven't heard anything in response to my reply to them saying I would go for mediation. If Noel doesn't agree to it, will it go to court automatically? ''
  3. Please change names and personal details I have attached the claim as a PDF with a picture of his response at the end of it. I have asked to try to resolve this with mediation. I wait to see what happens next. He hadn't ticked any boxes saying yes to mediation. What he's written as his defence is a total lie. As if I would have purchased the car if the water leakage had been known to me! Mytchett claim with defence.pdf
  4. Have seen a lot on here about Noel Quail and Mytchett First Cars (and other company names). Have been ripped off and am taking him to the small claims court, really need some support and advise on how not to let him get one over on me. Can't believe how blatantly he is lying on the forms for his denial of my claim.
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