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  1. I want to thank you for this space, since I found very useful informations, to set up a professionally way to speak with them and to clear by beginning my determination to bring the to court if not refunded at least. I still hope my parcel shows soon or later and it is sitting at depot because it is big, and they refuse to deliver it (staff is payed per box and use cars, I didn't know prior to use them).
  2. I got my refund today, after keep on telling them if I don't see money back, we go to court immediately. Magically the balance updated. Shame for the parcel, since I need it, preowned items and i can't buy another one new at this price.
  3. They will refund me 100 £ plus postage 11.49 £ yet i can't buy item new since it was pre owned and so cheaper but no more available since it was a private seller.
  4. I spoke with them and they wanted to refund me the amount I lost and declare, plus delivery price, and a good will gesture of 25 £ for a gift seller put inside the box for me, and i didn't cover with assurance since I can't know the proper value price on market, but to have a guess. I accepted and waiting the refund, it was on Friday if I don't get it wrong, I will wait a while and then if no sign shows on bank account, I will have to go to court.
  5. I understand, then I will take the refund, at least I don't lose my money. Thank you. I hope they don't send me something different since I am keeping tracking of messages and I will respond in court if they pay me less.
  6. Hello, update: I got in touch for refund. Problem is they want to compensate the items lost and it is ok, plus delivery, but like I said now item is more expensive to buy and I will be left without that and not enough money to have another one. Do you suggest me to take the refund or to push them to give me money to buy it again. My item was second hand, new one is more expensive. Thank you.
  7. I am having a read and saw the won case as well. Should i wait for another week?? i am having financiary problems because of them now.
  8. Hello, I submitted the claim last Monday, but never update me yet. I wish to go legal since they are causing me massive health trouble and financial problems, how does it work in England?? I am Italian and living here since 8 years but I never had to go legal. What proof wouls I need to won the cause? I would like to appeal for theft or if there is something else I can try to. I heard about ombudsman, should i go through them as well? Thank you. Police said they can't find my reference and when I wanted to raise a new crime as theft they said since there is no intention in stealing it is not correct. What about the many investigations by the Times and other video I am finding now and press I didn't know before?? They clearly shows they can't do the job properly, and you said in one of your post as per consumers right, it is their responsibility to take care of parcels. Thank you for your reply.
  9. Ok, thank you. This item is from UK to UK, no international. I really hope they can compensate me because you have no idea what mess and trouble I am having because of this and the loss of money I am having since i use this mannequin to craft items, as the lady sold me that.
  10. I did. As I said I declared 75 £ for the pre owned item they collected. I wrote mannequin. 11th of March collected - Parcel was collected by private seller. 12th of March - Last time it was tracked. 13th of March - I contact them by e mail from previous day for failing the collection (they update it on Monday) 15th of March I then asked them over the phone and e mail, about the parcel since it was not moving from tracking, and they said it will be delivered in 48h. 21th of March - I submitted claim to have refund.
  11. I am sorry, what do you mean with Chronology, please? Mannequin value of market is sold by shops abroad for about 130, or 91 £ with duty tax import and delivery up to 200 £ I payed mine 65 £ and the seller added a wig for free inside. Since i didn't touche the wig i can say the value but I declared it 75 £ since wig usually start from 10 £. I am having a look about the other post, so I will be prepared to them debating.
  12. Yes it is a lot because I am dealing with them since 5th of March, when I booked the collection for a pre owned mannequin I require to work, and it is a specific model, usually came from America, and I need that, I do crafting, since I can't work at the moment due Covid and breathing issues. The item is hold to their depot (I can't understand if mine or sender's one) since 12th of March, after they sorted and moved between depots, as notification said and since then, silence on tracking number. I called them everyday over the phone about it, and after many it will arrive in 48h or it is active and so, now they say it is lost. Last Monday I submitted a claim, with pictures of price of new items, since you can't find it second hand now, and I assured the parcel when I booked it. No reply yet. I had to contact police in the meantime and they said I can open a case under theft since they are holding item and money, and give them up to Monday to sort the claim. I put price of the item new sold by a shop on Ebay as proof of value of that model, I managed to find mine, but there are import duties as well to pay as the shop says in price for delivery abroad.
  13. Hello, I bought by a private seller an item I need to work from home, since i can't get out because of Covid and I am now with Universal Credit and partial invalidation to work recognised. I am trying to do something while at home to pay expenses and the seller gave me 2 items, one gifted and I decided to book collection for the item with Evri. Item weight is 10kg, but I choose and put insurance for 15kg just to stay safe. I booked the 5th and it was supposed to be collected on Monday. I checked post codes and addresses and they are currect. Lady put pictures of my parcel with my data on the label and all, courier came to collect it on the 8th of March, and it said it was too big for his van so he will come back in 2 hours. I have CCTV camera video from the lady. He never came back but he scanned the label, so it said collected on the label. I was better to cancel with them and maybe DPD or other company, because when he came back, on the 11th of March to collect, and the label was fixed in the tracking, this is last time I saw my parcel. I wrote it was big and what was it so the excuse is already silly, and I had to phone them to have it collected. Tracking is stopped since 12th of March, sayiing it is at local sender's depot and never moved, or better, I had a notification "EVRi Hermes took your parcel from EVRi Hermes" (they changed name few days later) and in customer service track it says "despatched from that depot" regard I can only see "You parcel has been sorted at the sender's local depot". I had to submit a claim, but the item I bought was second hand, and I can prove the real value of the item, and I need it for work, and need to buy another one, it is a specific model. Since then, I contacted CEO and resolver and other and they all says it is lost, last Monday I submitted claim, and police told me if they don't give me back items or money, I can ask them to take action under theft crime, since I appealed for that. I suspect it has been stolen or forgotten in one of the 2 depot, mine and sender's and nobody care. Is there a way to have item back? Seller also offer to go the depot to take it. Is there any lawyer I can contact to sue them, because I think some want to be paied only after cause is closed. I can't get out because of Covid and they are damaging my sales as private seller and person. How can I contact press and TV since this company loves them so much?? What you suggest me to do? Thank you. Also I will probably book again a big parcel with DPD, but it send me to DPD local, which people says it is a problem, how can I have it by DPD only? Or what other Delivery Company you suggest, please??
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