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  1. The work wasn’t in 4 stages, the payments were. There was a contract/invoice that I was sent that set that out and the third payment was due at the completion of the exterior of the extension (which it is not). The name of the Contractor is Tim Wise and his company is TJW Projects. i have asked the Council to confirm the details of their visit in writing. i had already told Tim that I was not happy with several aspects of the work, he had said he was going to but these were things that I could see like the tiling, plastering, carpentry, not the structure of the building, building control have only just been round a week after I last saw the contractor or any other work done. Luckily I had taken photos which I showed them and along with what they have seen have said it needs taking down. I had told Tim in an email that they would be coming.
  2. i Agreed to pay a builder in 4 stages he has had 2 of the payments, half the amount agreed but a week ago asked for the 3rd instalment to which I replied he could have it after he had taken the remedial action with the job so far.. I have now not seen him and he has not replied to any calls, messages or emails.. he hasn’t done half the work and I have this week had building control round who have condemned his work .. not sure what I can do now as he is not communicating with me, is obviously not capable of remedial work and I have not received the value of the goods, service I have paid for .. help
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