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  1. Hi all, thought you might appreciate an update on this! We received the 'technical report' this week and ran all the addresses against our machines up to and including the wifi enabled coffee machine (most important bit of kit we own!) and of course found nothing. Even more amusingly the so called report showed access was coming from a totally unrelated company URL and was using software totally unrelated to our industry. So yes... a total waste of time for us and I thank you for your help in the matter. As an aside I've informed our industry body of this kind of behavior so companies are aware of it, I'm also investigating if some sort of complaint can be made as this is clearly unethical behavior.
  2. Thanks both, useful info, any idea how they are collecting this data? We could have a freelancer/contractor who used it, ultimately we'd never know and all our designers are home working these days anyway, or as above it could be an old device we disposed off despite it being scrubbed. A thought did occur that we have had a bunch of new starters who came fresh from uni so they could have had student copies lying around that somehow got linked or one of then downloaded a 30 day demo with a company email address. Regardless it seems rather daft to throw lawyers first rather than a polite 'you use our software already' call from sales (which I'm sure we'd have been receptive to) but what do I know... Also regarding ignoring, is it worth us sending back a solid refutation of any evidence and then ignoring or just ignoring anything further?
  3. Hi all, I've had the standard CJCH email thing about using Solidworks without a license, however it seems quite cut and dry for us as we don't use it! Are they simply spamming all companies in the UK now? I've seen from this forum that it has been going on for years so perhaps they are just running out of people and going for anyone who uses CAD? Has anyone else had this? All the threads I read seemed to be from people that had pirated the software at some point. Further as it was I did call the company and speak to the lady noted in the email as I suspected it was a scam (we've had a few) and wanted to find out if she really worked for the firm. I was rather surprised to find it was a real thing and requested that she mail me their 'evidence' as she stated there wasn't a case active right now. In retrospect a bad idea as I should have picked up it was ambulance chasing from the 'there is no case' thing I feel we have a very solid 'we literally don't use this software' case that should be rather easy to send packing. Also ironically we were considering switching to Solidworks for some of our CAD needs but after this guess they've lost a customer and we will be sticking with Autodesk
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