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  1. At nearly 9pm sunday eve I went to an Motor Fuel Group garage to get air in tyres. Obviously as you need to be close to ensure the hose reaches all tyres I reversed in accordingly. There was a very low metal barrier by kerb - impossible to see through rear view mirror which damaged my car. The two machines next to this one have long white poles with red reflector at top which would ensure you can see where the kerb / barrier is. This one does not. I was told by MFG that I should have noticed this small barrier on entering the garage, despite the fact it isn't even located at the entrance to the premises, but the exit! They also said they had never had issues with this before - which is in my opinion a nonsense as a) the barrier is chipped and bent all over so I assume I'm not the only one who has not been able to see it b) if other people damage their vehicles as they cannot see this metal barrier, but don't complain - does this mean I should not have the right to point out the inadequate warning for those reversing? Can't seem to attach pic here... so attached as charming profile pic!!
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