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  1. Today I got this letter from TFL, and been agreed to an out of court settlement with 238 pounds punishment. I am shamed with this amount comparing to the actual fares I avoid, and of course won't do this kind of things anymore. My case is special that I will leave the UK very soon in July, I think this reason mainly caused the final result. and really appreciated to all your helps and advices! I attached the letter and will pay the TFL asap. IMG_20220607_131206-converted.pdf
  2. It is quite suprising that i received the letter from the investigator early this morning , only a week after my responding email.He is requesting the envidence of my leaving, I hope it could be solved after I provide documents to prove my leaving. evidence requirement.pdf
  3. Thanks! Since it is unlikely to get away from a prosecution, i will reply a simple grovelling email back to hope the investigator just gives me some penalty fine. And hope this issue could be solved before my leaving. If there is a prosecution notice later, then i shall call him for the final begging. About the US travelling , it will be a far future thing, or even I have no chance to apply a US entry.
  4. Should I call his landline or cell phone? I also has a concern that , As this free pass is my mother's , what should I tell him if he asks my mother? The fact is my mother has already left the UK years ago, so clearly if I told him that, all the journeys are clearly my misuses.(and it against my saying in the first confession letter) So I think I'd better tell me sometimes my mother is using this card as well, but I can't remember how many times she used and how many times I used. I don't like to call him as there are a lots of uncertainties, I don't want to lie but if I tell all the truth, the situation is even harder and complex.
  5. Thank you for your advise, this would be a most direct way to solve the problem, but I really don't know how to answer his questions, like how long have I misuses this card ...should I completely honest at this stage or should I wait until prosecution notice or other decision they make? And still he doesn't mention any prosecution/court thing, it looks like they just found some pattern but can't confirm the misuses unless they get the CCTV footages.
  6. Thank you DX, It sounds very serious... My Journeys indeed have some patterns, a round trip every Saturday mornings and thursday nights, but It can't be proved to be my uses unless they get to the cctv footage records, which I think they are not very commonly to do? My concern is, If I call him to confront this Investigator, how many facts should I confess? I guess they still do not know all of the misuses as it started from years ago before Covid. Should I still reply the email and repeat the first letter and show them my regret and apologize? And let them to dig by themselves? And My leaving date is almost confirmed that our family will move out of the UK in this July and won't return again, hope this issue could be solved before my leave.
  7. Hi All After one and half months waiting, i received an Email, and which is kind of surprising. and I am kind of nervous cause I have the phone number of this Investigator, Am I need to call him? I have his landline, and even cell phone number....I am afraid to talk to him and it makes me panic... here is the letter: tfl reply-converted.pdf
  8. As an experienced giftcard purchaser, let me explain. The retailers do not allow customers to buy a giftcard by using giftcard, of course you can use cash to pay for it with no problem. But they are not technically forbidden it, which means, if the cashier/manager is not very clear about this rule, I can buy it without problem. If the Cashier says no, then I will be refused to do it. But now, I can buy the giftcard by using self check out machine, so it is no problem anyway, even they are not allowed.
  9. Thank you DX. Will print one SAR and sign and send it to JL.
  10. I only got email ,is it written? Quote: This job falls to the police who through a freedom of information request can see who placed the order and used the gift cards, they do this by visiting the johnlewis.com website and click on the ‘Our Privacy Notice’ page at the bottom of the webpage. I really am sorry that they have not been able to resolve you enquiry so far and I wish you all the very best.
  11. I called their phone number, also email. I also get contact with JL on twitter. But no matter what way, they said it's not their fault and can not do anything unless the police ask them to.
  12. Thank you so much DX for your advices. I think I made a unclear expression about my mum's card's usage. it is actually "10 to 15 short round trips" each month.... Anyway, hope this won't make any difference. I will send the letter first to see what is going on..
  13. I viewed lots of threads here, but have never seen any one used this "leaving reason" for forgiveness. But I think it worth trying and it is true. If I left the UK and didn't wait until receive the letter from TFL, will they just send the court notice regardless and finally find me guilty. Then I can't enter UK again with this bad record.
  14. Actually it is my wife's company's benefits, every month company pays hundreds pounds into this Sainsbury's giftcard which i have already registered. So i usually buy some JL giftcard for shopping grocery online, cause sainsbury's giftcard can't.
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