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  1. We have i am at a hospital appointment which cant be moved ( my daughter lives at home and has a premature baby with feeding problems, she also has mental health probs so i need to attend) my husband is at work and is unable to take calls he is under threat of redundancy meeting this week so cant be off also we have had no forms to fill in or requests for info so bit confused
  2. Hi thanks for response, we have had problems in the past but we were in arrears by about three months before the complete mortgage term was up last june ( after 20 years final payment would have been june 1st 2021) as i say my immediate concern is whether they will turn up to evict us tomorrow or we will get another court date at which point we can arrange to pay thank you for replying
  3. Thank you for taking time to reply, the original possession order was first made in 2014 so yes 6 years have passed my mortgage term finished last year in june after 20 years and about £5000 is still owing which we accept we need to clear however my immediate concern is tomorrow going to end in my eviction or will another hearing take place thanks
  4. My lenders solicitors have sent me a copy of a form they are applying for permission to enforce a possession notice which is over 6 years old This is due to take place by telephone tomorrow morning will eviction take place tomorrow too? Or do we go to court again? thank you
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