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  1. I sold a Supreme hoodie on Depop for £105 and sent the package via EVRi EVRi Hermes on 31/12/21. They’d received the parcel and when I checked the tracking it hadn’t changed from being at their depot so on 9/01/22 I emailed and queried. On 12/01/22 they replied and said that my parcel was unaccounted for. On 17/01/22 they said that they had found my parcel and that they were going to return it to me. I sent them my address and waited. On 27/01/22 they got back to me with an email detailing how they once again lost my parcel and linked the Lost Claim Form. I submitted it that same day and waited for a response. On 03/03/22 I emailed asking for an update as it had been well over the 28 days they said it would take them to process and come to a decision. I then emailed on 11/03 asking again for an update as I was starting to feel I was being ignored and was getting annoyed by the whole situation. On 14/03 I emailed again and threatened legal action to which they swiftly replied asking me to fill out a claims form AGAIN. I said I’d already been through this process and wanted an update on my existing one. On 16/03 they got back and offered me £20 + £2.95 that I paid in postage as compensation. I wrote back saying it wasn’t good enough and I demanded a full compensation. They then said due to the delivery I chose, my parcel was only covered for upto £20. I tried to dispute and escalate to a higher up as this isn’t a typical situation and the fault lies with them. That didn’t get me much further and now here I am.
  2. Hi, I sent a parcel with Hermes back in December, it got lost and then they claimed they’d found it so said they’d return it to me but then they lost it again. I emailed and emailed and finally, when I threatened legal action, they replied and offered £20 compensation for an item worth £105. Granted it’s not a massive amount but considering the massive blunder on their part, I can’t see how they justify compensating me with such a low amount. I also recognise it’s (an awful) company policy to insure parcels for £20 with the standard postage but due to them losing it, then finding it and then losing it AGAIN surely this is slightly different. I fought back and told them £20 wasn’t good enough but they wouldn’t budge. Is there a case here or am I fighting a losing battle? Any help is much appreciated.
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