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  1. Thank you both for your help. They have agreed to remove the cancellation from the database and reinstated the cover. During the conversation he did say they had printed a notification letter on the 15th March, one day before they cancelled it so I'm not sure how they expected me to know!
  2. Thank you both, really appreciate your advice. I will send a SAR ASAP and be sure to follow the advice in the customer service guide. I have double checked my emails and junk and have received nothing from them. I have evidence that I had emailed the proof to the two different email addresses they gave me and posted it on the same day I received the last correspondence from them on the 1st February. Regarding the cancellation potentially being registered with a central database - is it likely they will agree to remove any such record if they acknowledge the error is on their part?
  3. Hi, I took out a car insurance policy with Peugeot Insurance in December. They aren’t able to automatically validate no claims discount so I was asked to send them proof. I sent them this via email as advised in their letter but a few weeks later got another letter saying they hadn’t received it. I rang their customer help line and was given a different email address to send it - which I did. Perhaps a month later I got another letter saying they still hadn’t received it so I decided to send it via post as I felt the email route wasn’t working. I noticed yesterday that I had had a refund to my credit card from them on Wednesday. I checked on MIB and my car is indeed no longer insured - I haven’t had any notice that my insurance was being cancelled per their terms, and worse still, was unaware that I was uninsured. I intend to ring them as soon as their customer help line is open tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what I should do. I’m particularly concerned that I will have to notify new insurers that I have had a policy cancelled indefinitely, at great additional cost to myself indefinitely. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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