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  1. The AA has advised me not to repair the vehicle until inget a reply from the garage I bought it from.
  2. This was interesting on Trust Pilot about Mark Hopkins Car Sales. Very similar issue to mine. Great service until something goes wrong. I purchased a lovely Ford Focus in December 2020. Just 4 days after buying it the engine management light came on. Due to it being the day before Xmas Eve, Mark was really great and offered a courtesy car over Xmas if the car became un-driveable. Unfortunately the intermittent issue with the light has been an issue for 3 months now (meaning I am now outside of my warranty). I contacted them at least 6 times with this fault and took my car back to the garage 3 times. They even had my car for a month but strangely the light never came on once! All i kept being told was to drive it on the motorway more in low gears - its just a sensor - 'keep an eye on it'. In the end I told them it had come back on again but I didn't see the point in taking the car back as they clearly had no interest in sorting the problem out. After requesting a refund, I was directed to the legal team who were shocking and I now cannot get any response direct from the garage! I am a single women travelling a lot of the time on my own, so whether this is just a sensor or something potentially more serious, I expected the garage to take it more seriously and make more effort to get it resolved. Now I have been left with a car with a faulty engine light which I am going to have to pay out for myself to get fixed, or take my complaint further. I was also told by the legal team to 'take it to a proper garage and get a proper diagnostic report' which again, I would have had to pay for - and they should have done this under the warranty! Not a great experience at all, especially with their complaints process! Shocking.
  3. Thank you. I am in the process of getting cost for gearbox replacement. Ford has quoted €4788. From another company, I can get a reconditioned gearbox for £2200 fitted and 2 year warranty. The garage that did the diagnostic report are getting a price for repair on Monday. I have been quoted £4000 to scrap the car. I would accept £9000 from the garage if they were to take the car back. That means I have lost £2500. Which I think us acceptable for a years use of the car. Mark Hopkins have been in business for over 35 year apparently. The car is critical for my work as I am a service engineer and drive around doing fault calls. So, ideally I would like the car repaired as it is a nice looking car and I desperately need transport. Not sure what my employer will have to say. I have been off all this week since the car packed up but back tomorrow. If I get it repaired can I claim repair costs?
  4. In Apr 2021 I had a gearbox oil change by a local garage at a cost of £245. The mechanic who came and collected and delivered my car said he saw what I meant about the gear changes which is another occasion I went back to Mark Hopkins and he said he was so confident there was nothing wrong with the box that I could have quote" have six months, have a year, you know you can bring it back anytime, my phones on 24 7 as my wife has had cancer five time so phones always on" . Of course none of this was in writing which is why I now refuse to speak to him on the phone. Apparently his lawyers are drafting a letter to me. I posted my letter on Tuesday 15th March to them. Letter attached. my complaint letter.pdf
  5. The dealer is Mark Hopkins car sales at Fair Oak Eastleigh. Trading as Village Cars. Used cars for sale in Eastleigh & Hampshire: Mark Hopkins Car Sales WWW.MARKHOPKINSCARSALES.CO.UK Used cars for sale in Eastleigh & Hampshire: Mark Hopkins Car Sales: Competitive finance deals, part exchanges welcome, call now!
  6. It's a Ford Kuga 2014 diesel automatic. I paid £11500. I bought it with 62k on the clock it now has 71k. So 9k miles and a usless car.
  7. I purchased a Ford kuga automatic from a dealer in Feb 2021. Part debit card part bank transfer. I returned the car within the first week as I was concerned about the gearbox. The gear changes were not smooth and there were noises on lower gear changes. The salesman told me it was because it wasn't the sort of gearbox I was used to. So I thought, maybe he's right. So I kept the car but was still not convinced. I took it back again and the garage, the sales garage that is, had the car a week. The owner and his son drove the car and said they found nothing wrong. It went back a third time where apparently the garage mechanic took me out in the car..however he drove using the S mode of the car rather than the auto. The car was always running when I collected it. About three weeks ago I had a couple of Amber lights relating to the gearbox so I called the garage. Over a phone call the owners son said..its just lights! You haven't broken down. Well last Saturday I had total gearbox failure. I have sent a letter asking for my money back and Citizens advice said I should be able to get a partial refund. Any advice on this. I do have the diagnostic report from an independent garage and there are faults showing with the abs and steering also. The dealer is part of the AA promise but this doesn't seem to be worth the paper it's written on. Diagnosis machine readout.pdf
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