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  1. Thanks . I was just concerned about the Impecuniosity as it’s a broad term? Is this main reason why credit hire companies work on? Will I need to provide personal bank statements even if I hired a cheaper car and not if found not impecunious ? Also what’s a GAT report on car hire? Anybody here whose had been to court for this ? Sorry just to update my credit hire company is talking other side to court for all the expenses
  2. Long story short me and my son were rear ended my car was a Volvo XC90. First time accident (naive) so my insurance automatically transferred me over to a credit hire (which I didn’t know) and dropped a expensive car. I then cancelled and said I want to cheapest car possible which they resent around 200£ a day from 500£ a day (I have email proof too so tried to keep costs minimum). Looking however at the small print it says I was classed as Impecuniosity. I did have savings (could probably afford it but I planned to use it for my pension) but why should I be out of pocket for something that wasnt my fault. This is going to Court now . If they do ask for bank statements would this be a problem if I don’t provide this ? Would it look bad if I’m not classed as Impecuniosity however the car I hired was a lower model and cheaper one? Otherside not accepting fault for everything
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