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  1. Thank you, Lookingforinfo! It’s really strange that I can’t recall seeing an IPad and I’m usually quite vigilant with things like that. And I can definitely say, I didn’t see any visible signs about extended parking either. I will also add my nasty review to that.
  2. I’ve received a reply for my email to the CEO today. I’m quite disappointed with this response from a business I’ve actually spent my money on. I’ll quote the whole response here if it’s ok. “Dear Mrs *** Thank you for taking the time to contact us. John Hutson has passed your email to the customer services team to respond, as we look after any correspondence that relate to our customers on his behalf. I’m very sorry to confirm that as we have no association with Parking Eye, we won’t be able to cancel this PCN for you. As this car park serves all the businesses on the shopping complex, it is not a JD Wetherspoon Car Park. Due to this, you will need to appeal this PCN with Parking Eye directly. I am sorry again that we cannot assist you further with this. Kind Regards, JD Wetherspoon Customer Service”. Wetherspoon had just palmed me off without even trying to assist me-their loyal customer. As you have all rightly pointed out 2 hours aren’t enough for a restaurant. I’m absolutely fuming .
  3. Thanks FTMDave. I’d definitely change that bit you suggested. Yes, I’ve emailed to the CEO of Wetherspoon but yet to hear from him.
  4. Ok,I've just drafted another version where I've used a couple of examples from other people's letters as well as your suggestions in the previous posts.So.in some places it may look familiar for you all but I just wouldn't have enough colloquialisms and the cheek of my own to come up with something like that.So I also removed any mentioning of the COPs as Im not sure how to use it in this version . “Dear Parkingeye, Re: PCN no xxxx Cheers for your ‘Letter of Claim’ in regards to the above speculative invoice sent out without consideration to the Codes of practice laid out by UK Law . I honestly nearly couldn't type this out through the laughing tears at the thought of you expecting me to be scared of your bullying tactics. Your so called “PCN” isn’t compliant and you can bombard me - a registered keeper, who by the way WAS NOT a driver with your robo-letter which is not worth of paper it is written on as much as you want. Your greed has also placed you in a rather precarious legal position in regards to escalating costs.Your misapplication of the Beavis Judgment as being Carte Blanche to charge what you want is laughable, it turns on its own facts so will shoot you in the foot relying on it. Every time a greedy private parking company like you has taken such cases to court they have received a hell of a kicking from the judge. Also, should this case go to court despite having pointed out the futility of doing so, I will be asking the Court not only for an unreasonable costs order under CPR 27.14(2)(g), but I would also have a pleasure to sue you for breach of GDPR should you attempt to pass my personal details to both debt collectors and any legal organisation at any point in the future. So, just to remind you ,the standard for breaches of GDPR is now around £750. I look forward to your deafening silence.
  5. Thank you everyone for your advice! You’re all such legends. Yes, I knew my letter lacked that oomph of aggression and mockery and I’ll try to amend it and post it back for all of your reviews again.
  6. Hi everyone, I’ve found a snotty letter which I decided to use but I’m still not sure if it’s 100% relevant to my situation. I’ll post it for you to check it. Apology if it doesn’t make any sense as it’s the best letter I could find and I made a few changes to it trying to tailor to my situation. “Dear Parkingeye, Re: PCN no xxxx Thanks for your ‘Letter of Claim’ in regards to the above speculative invoice sent out without consideration to the codes of practice laid out by UK Law and your own governing bodies. You have clearly done little, to no research into the specifics surrounding the claim made against me, the registered keeper of the vehicle, in your letter. If you had done so, you would have discovered the driver (who was not me by the way) did nothing wrong. Your greed has also placed you in a rather precarious legal position in regards to escalating costs. As you have gone as far as threatening me with the example of some vague “Supreme Court” decision I would’ve thought you would have been familiar with the UK Government’s Code of Practice as a private parking company. Might I be so bold as to suggest a little homework for you all and refer you section 9 of the aforementioned Code of Practice. I would suggest you to stop this course of action or be prepared for a costly experience in court. I will first be obtaining an unreasonable costs order under CPR 27.14(2)(g). I really can’t say I look forward to hearing from you again. Bye.” Is there anything I could add to it? Many thanks.
  7. Thank you so much for your help! Yes, I have already emailed to the CEO of Wetherspoon and hopefully it’ll help.
  8. Thank you very much to everyone who replied on my post! Yes, it’s such a shame that I chucked out all of the letters but I can guarantee that all of the letters: the very first one NTK and a follow up reminder letter were identical to the letters shared here by someone called mystic_bertie I will definitely write to the Wetherspoon’s CEO as advised and hopefully it’ll help. Do you still think I need to write a snooty letter ? Who do I address it to? A Parkingeye? Sorry for asking, I just have never had any of this before Many thanks X
  9. Thank you everyone who posted replies to my post. The reason I called it a “fine” is just a general word, so yes it may we’ll be a speculative invoice as suggested. Yes, Wetherspoon, I went to is located on the same car park as the other stores. I haven’t complained to Wetherspoon yet but I will definitely ring them on Monday to see what they can do in this situation. A friend of mine who was also with us that day received the same parking letter from Parkingeye but he told me to ignore it and I simply chucked it out and I’m afraid I don’t have copies of the previous correspondence from Parkingeye except for the letter before claim. I will post all the answers to the questionnaire in my next post.
  10. On the 6 March 2022 I with my family went to have a dinner in Wetherspoon which was located at Site MandU Phase 1,PORTISHEAD (Lidl,Ibis,Subway). A couple of weeks later I received a first letter informing me that I incurred a £100 fine for allegedly parking over the limited time with the offer to pay £60 to settle the fine. I’ve ignored that letter and then two weeks later I received a second letter where it demanded a full sum of £100 to be paid and of course a threat of passing it on to the court. Unfortunately,I haven’t got the copies of those letters but they were identical to the letters from Parkingeye to other people on this forum. I do,however have a copy of the last letter which I received this morning and I would like to have moderators or other people to advise me on my next step on how to get this off by back. I’ve heard and I read that Parkingeye isn’t enforceable and have no legal grounds to pursue someone like me trying to recover the fine but I would appreciate if I could get more of a detailed advice tailored to my situation. Many thanks. Letter of Claim.pdf
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