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  1. I didn't use my real name or address, and therefore still have no idea who actually owns the vehicle. Okay brill, I'll get searching
  2. Hello! I had taken a wrong turn down a road leading behind the station by mistake which after searching online seems to be a frequent error that the maps causes, I stopped to check my maps and reset and I then left very shortly after, I can't have been stopped there for more than 3 minutes, I also see in the picture of my car that the 'no stop zone' is marked yellow, and no stop zones are always red no, either way, £60 for stopping to check maps after a wrong turning is a bit steep! The picture is also only observing me for 1 minute, if they check the minute after that my car would no longer be there! I appealed the PCN but I did not include my real name or address, I've seen you maybe shouldn't appeal but what is the best option, should I pay it or not? Thanks in advance!
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