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  1. Hey Dx100, Is that a throwback to the legendary synthesizers? If so I have a DX20! So I declared in in the Mule App to be worth £250. Thanks so much, I'll get started with my claim - is there anything you'd advise to mention in the claim?
  2. Hi all, I have jumped into the same boat as some others here on the forum. After many successful parcel sent by EVRi EVRi this time they have lost my parcel. Of course silly me did not purchase full cover for it on the Mule app, and of course this time I was silly and brave enough to send a parcel that costs £250 with them but I suppose I'm one of many! My long story is: 03:20PM Friday 11th March 2022 Tracking number created after purchasing from Mule app. 15:20 - Fri Mar 11 We're expecting your parcel to arrive with us soon and we'll update your tracking once we've received it 15:42 - Friday 11th March 2022 'We've received your parcel at the ParcelShop and will be collecting it shortly' 14:28PM - Saturday 12th March 2022 'We've collected your parcel' Friday 18th March 2022 I contacted Mule who contacted EVRi and Mule said the following: Thanks for getting in touch regarding your parcel. We have received the following response from EVRi: I have raised an investigation with the relevant team in order to provide you with an update as soon as possible. I kindly ask that you allow me 48-72 hours to gather the required information. If I am successful in locating your parcel, I will have it on it’s way to your recipient without delay and your tracking information will be updated to reflect this so please keep a look out for further updates here. As advised by EVRi, please allow 48-72 hours for the investigation. In the meantime, please continue to monitor tracking for any further updates Saturday 23rd March 2022 I was then contacted by Mule on the 23rd March who said the following: Unfortunately, the courier has confirmed that this parcel has been lost in transit. I sincerely apologise on behalf of the courier, I can understand how frustrating this must be for you. Please could you provide us with the following to assess for a claim: 1) Proof of value of the item (e.g a sales receipt showing the value and description of the item) 2) Evidence of delivery address that corresponds with the details on the label you created 3) Your bank details (account name, account number and sort code). As per our Terms and Conditions: please provide this information within the next 20 days. If you do not provide this information within the next 20 days, we will not be able to proceed with a claim and the timeframe for claims submission will have closed. Saturday 23rd March 2022 My purchaser was fully refunded by me through Ebay. Saturday 23rd March 2022 I replied to the Mule colleague with the following: Hey, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I was selling this item to someone on ebay and so I have attached a photo of the ebay listing, the value, including the delivery address as well as the corresponding mule confirmation. Just to confirm though, I expect a full refund from EVRi and if they can't offer a full refund for the item (including postage and the cost of the item = £250 + £4.77 = £254.77) I don't want to automatically accept their £50 token refund. Instead, I'd like to be put in touch with whoever it is you're communicating with so I can explain this to them. Sunday 24th March 2022 Mule replied with the following which went into my spam folder: Hi, Just so that you are aware, the £50 insurance policy is actually Mule's insurance policy. The reason we have our own insurance policy is because when a parcel is deemed as lost or damaged in transit we are only able to claim a maximum of £20 back from the courier (EVRi). However, as we know a lot of our customers send items of a higher value than £20, we offer an additional £30 of compensation on top of the amount EVRi provide in order to reimburse our customers £50. Additionally, the EVRi claims process is extremely long and complex and can take up to 5 months to process claims, which is why we offer our own insurance policy for customers who want to send via EVRi through Mule as we understand our customers do not want to wait this length of time for compensation. On this occasion, as no additional parcel protection was purchased we can provide you with a refund of £50 in addition to a full refund of your shipping cost, bringing the total to £54.77. Going forward, if you choose to send items over the value of £50 we highly recommend purchasing additional parcel protection at checkout to ensure that you are covered for the full amount if your parcel is deemed as lost or damaged in transit. Please confirm if you are happy to proceed with the insurance payout and I will forward your case onto our Claims Department to process your refund. EVRi/Evri lost my F1 Collectable Topps Chrome Edition Cards worth £250 and Mule were going to pay £50 to cover the insurance but weren't forthcoming with me starting the claim process with EVRi. I have read several stories here about EVRi EVRi, so it gave me some hope I could have my money back somehow. Please can you advise how I go about starting my claim? Any help would be really appreciated.
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