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  1. Thanks for replying so quickly! It was a engineering table (a type of swivelling plate on top connected to a base - difficult to describe but hopefully you get the picture). About 12”x12” I have no idea how Hermes managed to break it, number one it was shrink wrapped, heavily bubble wrapped and then packaged box within box so honestly they must have been kicking it about or something I did contact Citizens Advice who were trying to help by recommending a letter but I did think if they won’t reply to an email, they aren’t going to reply to a letter - do you think it is worth sending one (just to say we sent one?) as annoying and time waste as it is. Thankyou, me and OH will look through a bit more tonight. really appreciate it, thank you
  2. Hi all! Ive spent the morning reading through some threads this morning who seem to have experiences similar to mine relating to the dread ‘H’ word postal company that have recently rebranded to ‘EVRi’ I sent a parcel (insured may I add) at a value of £130 in December 2021, the parcel was delivered but in a totally destroyed state meaning the item inside was completely destroyed. I instantly contacted what was Hermes and filed a incident claim and was told that it would be reviewed in a 28 days timeframe (HAHA) Contacted again in February as still no contact (shock horror) and was apologised to profusely and guaranteed that it would be accessed and sorted within 14 days. nothing Tried to contact them over the weekend and it is impossible to contact them using their dreadful online robot or through the telephone as my tracking number is now unrecognisable and I cannot speak to a human no matter how hard I try. Im starting to think that legal action is my only option, can anybody give any advice on what my next step should be? Im tearing my hair out thankyou
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