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  1. Thanks for your reply. I moved into this address in June last year (previous address was my parents - and they always save any post for me) I have no idea how they even have my current address. Does DVLA hand out peoples private information??!!! Certainly no letters have been received prior to today, hence it was such a shock to get in from work and find it!
  2. I just received a letter from BW Legal ''acting on behalf'' of their client ''G24 Ltd'' in relation to an outstanding balance for a Parking Charge Notice (the fine is due to 'exceeded permitted stay time'' apparently. The letter is dated 10 March 2022. The date of the fine is 14 July 2021 !! I have never had any correspondence from G24 and did not know I had a fine outstanding. This is the first I have heard of it! I have received no 'proof' of my crime, though assume they will have cameras to prove I was there too long. This was so long ago I don't feel I have any chance of proving my innocence. It is too late to go and take photos of current signage etc (I have read online that carpark charges / signage for this carpark have been altered in the past year). The parking location is Sportsdirect and Matalan Heathcote Road Longton, Stoke-on-trent. I have visited this car park maybe once more since the date last year, it is not a place I frequent often, and certainly cannot imagine that I stayed long enough to exceed the allowed time (not sure what this was back then). I would pay the fine if I am genuinely in the wrong but I can;t imagine that I am! I can't find out who owns the parking lot, matalan? sports direct? third party? I don't know if I should do nothing and risk being taken to court? (I really cannot afford the £160 fine, and certainly not additional court charges). Do I contact G24 and explain I never heard from them? Do I contact bw legal and explain I never heard from G24 initially? please help, I am not a law-breaker but I also do not want to feed these companies money I don't have if they don't genuinely deserve it! Thank you Specialists In Legal Recoveries.pdf
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