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  1. Thank you. Yes I have blocked my card already. Have you spotted anything in their terms that can get me in trouble? Or seen anything like this case in terms of non payment of auction fees? Worst case I don't want to happen is they take me to court as its a high relist fee (2.5-3k), then ill have to pay storage fees and other costs too.
  2. Thanks for your reply and help here. I can post their terms. Doesn't actually say anything about non-payment of relist fee. I have seen others online in the same situation that have had the bill posted to their account and locked/banned from using the site until bill is paid. One user on trustpilot stated they threatened with debt collectors. So I'm just unclear how far they'll take it. I'm sure they get this alot so unlikely they'll pursue seriously? I seamlessly purchased and paid for a car recently with them and that would be unfortunate but I'll accept it. "Vehicle Relist :If the sale price and all applicable fees are unpaid at the close of business 6 calendar days after the auction the vehicle will automatically be re-listed for sale and the member’s account will be charged the higher of a relist fee of 10% of the hammer price or £250." And https://www.copart.co.uk/termsAndConditions/ Yes I contacted them but no reply. Seeing others going though this, they usually threaten debt collection but haven't seen any evidence on what they actually do. Was seeking opinions from maybe experiences from other auction sites or experts. many thanks
  3. Hello all, I won a car at a well known salvage auction site. Problem is I was bidding on the car before the vehicle I won and the bids just would not go through . I spam clicked the frozen button but the bid finally registered on the next vehicle which I won. This is not the first time it has happened, before this I kept clicked and it went through with a large bid which I did not sanction. Their terms are 10% of the auction fee for relisting which is around £3k which I cannot afford to pay. I wouldn't be able to prove the glitch when when the inevitable debt collection process goes through, what's the worst that can happen as I am terrified and quite upset this has happened to me. thanks in advance anyone who can help
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