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  1. Thank you so much for this informative post! So I'm not signing the form, but waiting for them to resolve it themselves, and let my insurer then contact me for me to pay them, and let me pay. I actually have the contact information of the third party (the owner of the other car), maybe I ask them for their insurer to understand the details?
  2. I don't understand the purpose of this forum, to be honest. I am trying to seek help on a matter I don't have knowledge, and it seems I am judged here.
  3. So you think it is not better me to contact the third party's insurer? Or third party? Or find a solicitor and pursue myself? I am confused if there is another way to proceed. I just have no idea what other options I have, and this is what I am trying to investigate.
  4. Thanks for help. Yes, I was supposed to drive with a licensed driver, but I was alone. I had purchased the insurance policy online, and it was seemingly OK. The only thing is that I was alone, without a licensed person (or instructor).
  5. I just want to ask if it is a common practice to sign "consent and indemnity form"s sent by the insurance companies in such issues. And if there is another way to pay the money (to the third party's insurance company). Also, is such huge amount of money is practiced as default? Sorry, I just don't know the laws, and just want to learn how usually these things happen.
  6. My car slipped down and hit another car, in a public car park. I have P license, so my insurer doesn't pay my claim, and cancelled the insurance. The insurer sent me an email for me to fill a consent and indemnity form. I am not sure to sign it, as it seems to be a legally binding document. When I log in to my account on insurer's website, it shows a ridiculous amount of money for the case (~10k£ for some minor dent damage) What should I do? Should I sign it? Will the amount drop to a more reasonable level? How should I pay for the damage?
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